Il comune senso del pudore (1976)


Il comune senso del pudore (1976)

There are four episodes: ***** Episode 1: Worker Giacinto and his wife, Erminia decide to celebrate their twentieth anniversary by watching a movie at the cinema for the first time in years. However, the period in which they live is dotted by the deployment of a large number of pornographic films and the two, being simpletons, run into a projection at red lights. ***** Episode 2: Assumed as the new director of a pornographic magazine, Ottavio, an intellectual from the province, suddenly jumps from misery to well-being. Sexy publisher Dr Davoli made him sign many paper without reading any of them. However, his cuffs soon snap into his wrists. He does not regret it, however, convinced as he is of fighting a noble battle against the obscurantism. ***** Episode 3: Armida, wife of a young magistrate, a bitter enemy of the obscene press, is attracted, like the hypocritical supporters of the moralizing campaign of her husband, by porn magazines. From her reading she will come out transformed...
IMDb  6.1 /10
Director Alberto Sordi
Writer Rodolfo Sonego
Writer Alberto Sordi
Release Date1976-04-10
Runtime2h 3mins
Content Rating
CompanyRizzoli Film
Giacinto Colonna
Ottavio Caramessa
Loredana Davoli
Armida Ballarin
Giuseppe Costanzo
Ingrid Streesberg
Erminia Colonna
Pino Colizzi
Pino Colizzi
Tiziano Ballarin (as Giuseppe Colizzi)
Ursula Kerr
Renzo Marignano
Renzo Marignano
'Lady Chatterley' Director
Giacomo Furia
Giacomo Furia
Horst Weinert
Horst Weinert
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