Il gatto di Brooklyn aspirante detective (1973)


Il gatto di Brooklyn aspirante detective (1973)

Two detectives are hired by an old countess to find out whether a villa she wants to turn into an orphanage is haunted. They find out that the noble-woman's relatives are involved : they do not want to lose the estate to the orphanage.
IMDb   5.6 /10
TheMovieDb    6.5 /10
Director Oscar Brazzi
Writer Franco Bucceri
Writer Roberto Leoni
Release Date1973-01-03
Runtime1h 40min
Content Rating
CompanyChiara Film Internazionali
Frankie Lo Negoas Frankie Lo Nego
Tony Mangialafogliaas Tony Mangialafoglia
Gravida De Porcarisas Gravida De Porcaris
Aldemiro Arcangelo Gabriele De Porcarisas Aldemiro Arcangelo Gabriele De Porcaris
Guendalina Bacherozza De Porcarisas Guendalina Bacherozza De Porcaris
Giovanni Petrucci
Giovanni Petrucci
Golem - the butleras Golem - the butler
Alfonso Tomas
Alfonso Tomas
The Countrymanas The Countryman
Alberto Sorrentino
Alberto Sorrentino
Lazzaro De Li Mortazzi - the watchman of 'Villa Allegra'as Lazzaro De Li Mortazzi - the watchman of 'Villa Allegra'
Mario Del Vago
Mario Del Vago
Liana Del Balzo
Liana Del Balzo
Adelina Bacherozza De Porcaris - the grandmotheras Adelina Bacherozza De Porcaris - the grandmother
Mario Cecchi
Mario Cecchi
Eufemia - the maidas Eufemia - the maid
Sergio Serafini
Sergio Serafini
The Man in Armouras The Man in Armour