The Judge and Jake Wyler (1972)


The Judge and Jake Wyler (1972)

A retired lady judge runs a private detective agency, helped by an ex-con and various parolees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
IMDb   7.6 /10
TheMovieDb    3.0 /10
Director David Lowell Rich
Writer Richard Levinson
Writer William Link
Writer David Shaw
Release Date1972-12-02
Runtime2h 0mins
GenreCrime, Drama, Mystery
Content Rating
CompanyUniversal Television
Bette Davis
Bette Davis
Judge Meredith
Anton Granicek
Alicia Dodd
Frank Morrison
Lieutenant Wolfson
Robert Dodd
James Rockmore
Milt Kamen
Milt Kamen
Mr. Gilbert
Senator Joseph Pritchard
Doctor Simon
Eddie Quillan
Eddie Quillan
Billy Lambert

The Judge and Jake Wyler

The Judge and Jake Wyler is a 1972 American TV movie directed by David Lowell Rich. The teleplay was written by Richard Levinson, William Link, and David Shaw. It was produced by Universal Television and broadcast by NBC on December 2, 1972.

The title characters are a hypochondriac former judge who owns a private detective agency and her parolee partner. The two are hired by Alicia Dodd to investigate the alleged suicide of her father, whom she suspects was really a murder victim.

Production notes

The film was a pilot for a proposed weekly series that failed to make the network's schedule. Earlier that year, Bette Davis had starred in Madame Sin, a pilot for ABC that also failed to sell.

In 1973, the character of Judge Meredith resurfaced in the form of Lee Grant in the TV movie Partners in Crime, scripted by Shaw and directed by Jack Smight. This, too, was a pilot that went no further than its initial airing.

Principal cast

  • Bette Davis as Judge Meredith
  • Doug McClure as Jake Wyler
  • Eric Braeden as Anton Granicek
  • Joan Van Ark as Alicia Dodd
  • Gary Conway as Frank Morrison
  • Lou Jacobi as Lieutenant Wolfson
  • Kent Smith as Robert Dodd

Principal production credits

  • Producers: Jay Benson, Richard Levinson, William Link
  • Original Music: Gil Melle
  • Cinematography: William Margulies
  • Art Direction: Alexander A. Mayer
  • Costume Design: Burton Miller