The Dirt Gang (1972)


The Dirt Gang (1972)

A film crew shooting in the desert is terrorized by a vicious outlaw motorcycle gang (on dirt bikes, no less) who are after the women in the company.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
IMDb   2.3 /10
TheMovieDb    3.0 /10
Director Jerry Jameson
Writer Michael DeForrest
Writer Michael C. Healy
Release Date
Runtime1h 29min
GenreAction, Drama
Content RatingR (R)
Monkas Monk
Snakeas Snake
Jesseas Jesse
Jon Shank
Jon Shank
Padreas Padre
Nancy Harris
Nancy Harris
Big Bethas Big Beth
T.J. Escott
T.J. Escott
Biffas Biff
Jessica Stuart
Jessica Stuart
Stormyas Stormy
Tom Anders
Tom Anders
Martyas Marty
Joe Mosca
Joe Mosca
Villieas Villie
Jo Anne Meredith
Jo Anne Meredith
Dawn Christianas Dawn Christian
Nanci Beck
Nanci Beck
Maryas Mary
Hal England
Hal England
Sidneyas Sidney
Ben Archibek
Ben Archibek
Jasonas Jason
William 'Billy' Benedict
William 'Billy' Benedict
Station Attendantas Station Attendant
Nude Gang Member with Blue Jeans at Orgyas Nude Gang Member with Blue Jeans at Orgy

The Dirt Gang

The Dirt Gang is a 1972 American action drama film directed by Jerry Jameson and starring Paul Carr, Michael Pataki, Lee de Broux, Jon Shank, Nancy Harris, T.J. Escott, and Jessica Stuart. The film was released by American International Pictures in November 1972.


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  • Paul Carr as Monk
  • Michael Pataki as Snake
  • Lee de Broux as Jesse
  • Jon Shank as Padre
  • Nancy Harris as Big Beth
  • T.J. Escott as Biff
  • Jessica Stuart as Stormy
  • Tom Anders as Marty
  • Joe Mosca as Villie
  • Michael Forest as Zeno
  • Jo Anne Meredith as Dawn Christian
  • Nanci Beck as Mary
  • Charles Macaulay as Curt
  • Hal England as Sidney
  • Ben Archibek as Jason
  • William 'Billy' Benedict as Station Attendant
  • Uschi Digard as Nude Gang Member with Blue Jeans at Orgy (uncredited)