Arnie (TV Series 1970–1972)


Arnie (TV Series 1970–1972)

Arnie Nuvo has worked on the loading dock at Continental Flange for years, and is quite content in his blue-collar life. When he suddenly gets promoted to Head of Product Improvement one day, his life is turned upside-down. Unsure of how to deal with his new white-collar coworkers and feeling isolated from his old friends, Arnie and his family must make some big adjustments as they struggle to get used to their new surroundings.
IMDb  7.2 /10
Creator David Swift
Release Date1970-09-19
Content Rating
AwardsWon 1 Golden Globe. Another 5 nominations.
Company20th Century Fox Television
Arnie Nuvo 48 episodes, 1970-1972
Lillian Nuvo 48 episodes, 1970-1972
Hamilton Majors, Jr. 48 episodes, 1970-1972

Arnie (TV series)

Arnie is an American television sitcom that ran for two seasons (1970–72) on CBS. It starred Herschel Bernardi, Sue Ane Langdon, and Roger Bowen.

Bernardi played the title character, Arnie Nuvo, a longtime blue collar employee at the fictitious Continental Flange Company, who overnight was promoted to an executive position. The story lines mainly focused on this fish-out-of-water situation, and on Arnie's sometimes-problematic relationship with his well-meaning but wealthy and eccentric boss, Hamilton Majors Jr. (Bowen). Because he still held his union card, Arnie could negotiate tricky management/labor situations that no one else could. Arnie's surname was presumably a pun on nouveau riche (which his promotion effectively made him), and possibly also on Art Nouveau.

In addition to Bernardi, Bowen, and Langdon (as Arnie's wife Lilian), cast members included Del Russel and Stephanie Steele as Arnie's son and daughter, Richard and Andrea; Elaine Shore as Arnie's secretary, Felicia; Herb Voland as sour-tempered vice-president Neil Ogilvie, and Tom Pedi as Arnie's loading dock friend, Julius. Olan Soule appeared occasionally as Fred Springer, another vice-president.

In its first season, despite being the lead-in to The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Saturday nights and winning an Emmy nomination as best comedy series, Arnie received only fair Nielsen ratings. For its second season, in order to increase its viewership, CBS made a major cast change in the show's format. Dick Van Patten was dropped as the Nuvos' next door neighbor, and Charles Nelson Reilly joined the cast as Randy Robinson, a TV chef who called himself "The Giddyap Gourmet", apparently a reference to The Galloping Gourmet.

Also, the network decided to move the show to Monday nights at 10:00 P.M. followed at 10:30 P.M. by a new sitcom that had debuted in January, 1971 on Tuesday nights to mediocre ratings, All In The Family. At the last minute, a switch was made and My Three Sons left its comfortable Saturday night time slot and took over the 10:00 P.M. slot on Mondays with Arnie slotted at 10:30 P.M. Both shows sank in the ratings. All In The Family was moved to Saturday nights at 8:00 P.M. where it became the number one show for five consecutive years. At mid-season, My Three Sons was moved to Thursday nights and Arnie returned to the Saturday night prime-time schedule. The changes did not help. Both shows were canceled at the end of the 1971–1972 season.


  • Herschel Bernardi as Arnie Nuvo
  • Stephanie Steele as Andrea Nuvo
  • Del Russel as Richard Nuvo
  • Sue Ane Langdon as Lilian Nuvo
  • Roger Bowen as Hamilton Majors, Jr.


Season 1: 1970–71

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
11"Pilot"David SwiftDavid SwiftSeptember 19, 1970E-101
22"An Urge to Splurge"Allen BaronTBASeptember 26, 1970E-106
33"Change of a Lifetime"Jay SandrichTBAOctober 3, 1970E-107
44"Wife vs. Secretary"Allen BaronTBAOctober 10, 1970E-104
55"The Friendship Gap"Allen BaronTBAOctober 17, 1970E-105
66"Swinging Sixties"Russ MayberryDavid SwiftOctober 24, 1970E-108
77"Trouble in the Air"Gary NelsonBetty BonaduceOctober 31, 1970E-110
88"Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow"Don RichardsonRick MittlemanNovember 7, 1970E-102
99"Why Spy?"Don RichardsonTBANovember 14, 1970E-113
1010"For Whom the Whistle Blows"Don RichardsonTBANovember 21, 1970E-112
1111"One Strike and You're Out"Gary NelsonTBANovember 28, 1970E-111
1212"Sell Mates"Don RichardsonTBADecember 5, 1970E-103
1313"Let Them Eat Cookies"Gary NelsonBruce HowardDecember 12, 1970E-109
1414"To Buy or Not to Buy?"Don RichardsonTBADecember 19, 1970E-114
1515"Second Honeymoon"Alan RafkinTBAJanuary 2, 1971E-115
1616"You Can't Lose for Winning"Coby RuskinTBAJanuary 9, 1971E-116
1717"Hello, Holly"Allen BaronTBAJanuary 16, 1971E-117
1818"Father Meets Daughter"Don RichardsonRichard BaerJanuary 23, 1971E-118
1919"Stand Up for Julius"Russ MayberryTBAJanuary 30, 1971E-120
2020"Citizen Pain"Bruce BilsonTBAFebruary 6, 1971E-119
2121"Feud for Thought"Jay SandrichTBAFebruary 13, 1971E-122
2222"Strangeness in the Night"Russ MayberryTBAFebruary 20, 1971E-121
2323"My Sister's Keeper"John ErmanTBAFebruary 27, 1971E-123
2424"No Harmony in Trying"Richard KinonTBAMarch 6, 1971E-124

Season 2: 1971–72

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateProd.
251"Nuvo Riche"Don RichardsonArt Baer,
Ben Joelson
September 13, 1971F-302
262"Well, There Goes the Neighborhood"Don RichardsonTBASeptember 20, 1971F-303
273"Honey, I'm Sorry, But..."David SwiftTBASeptember 27, 1971F-301
284"The Maid"Bruce BilsonTBAOctober 4, 1971F-307
295"Welcome to the Club"Bruce BilsonTBAOctober 18, 1971F-309
306"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blew"Allen BaronTBAOctober 25, 1971F-304
317"A Poem from 'Guess Who'"Bruce BilsonTBANovember 1, 1971F-308
328"The Return of 'Fingers' Ferguson"Don RichardsonTBANovember 8, 1971F-310
339"Et Tu, Arnie"Don RichardsonTBANovember 15, 1971F-311
3410"Pushing Pinky Out of the Treehouse"Don RichardsonTBANovember 22, 1971F-306
3511"This Land Is My Land"Roger DuchownyTBANovember 29, 1971F-312
3612"Let Ham Put You in the Driver's Seat"Roger DuchownyTBADecember 6, 1971F-313
3713"The Gift of the Majors"Don RichardsonArt Baer,
Ben Joelson
December 18, 1971F-314
3814"Boom or Bust"Allen BaronTBAJanuary 1, 1972F-305
3915"The Only Way to Go"Don RichardsonTBAJanuary 8, 1972F-315
4016"Guess Who's Coming to Our House?"Roger DuchownyTBAJanuary 15, 1972F-316
4117"What's Up, Doc?"Don RichardsonTBAJanuary 22, 1972F-317
4218"The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth"Roger DuchownyTBAJanuary 29, 1972F-318
4319"Room at the Top"Don RichardsonTBAFebruary 5, 1972F-319
4420"Surprise, Surprise"Roger DuchownyTBAFebruary 12, 1972F-320
4521"Uncle Nikko"Don RichardsonTBAFebruary 19, 1972F-321
4622"Wilson Tastes Good Like a Candidate Should"Don AppellTBAFebruary 26, 1972F-322
4723"Now You Take Teddy Roosevelt"Don RichardsonTBAMarch 4, 1972F-323
4824"Star Trekking"Roger DuchownyTBAMarch 11, 1972F-324