Life Love Death (1969)


Life Love Death (1969)
La vie, l'amour, la mort (original title)

"Life, Love, Death" was made before the abolition of capital punishment in France. Its central message is the inhumanity of the guillotine. The film, which is shot somewhat in a cinema verite style, divides roughly into three acts. In Act One, there is a series of murders of prostitutes in Paris. An obviously deeply disturbed man is hiring these prostitutes and then strangling them. Suspicion falls on François (Amidou), a married man with a child. The police put him under surveillance. (Viewers will recognize the inspector in charge of the team as Marcel Bozzuffi, who would play Popeye Doyle's nemesis in The French Connection a couple of years later.) Ironically, François is experiencing spiritual healing and renewal through the power of love---not with his wife, of course, this being a French film, but through an affair with a beautiful young woman he has met (not a prostitute). But just as this is happening and François seems to have lost the need to commit violent crimes, he is ...
IMDb  7.1 /10
Release Date1969-01-29
Runtime1h 55mins
Content RatingR (R)
CompanyLes Films 13, Les Films Ariane, Les Productions Artistes Associés
CountryFrance, Italy
François Toledo
Janine Magnan
Janine Magnan
Le commissaire Marchand
L'officier de police
Julie - la prostituée
Lisette Bersy
Lisette Bersy
Helene - la belle-mère
Albert Naud
Albert Naud
L'avocat de la défense
Jean-Pierre Sloan
Jean-Pierre Sloan
Le procureur
Nathalie Durrand
Nathalie Durrand
Prostituée (as Sylvie Saurel)
Denyse Roland
Denyse Roland
La prostituée en voiture
Albert Rajau
Albert Rajau
Assistant du bourreau

Life Love Death

La Vie, l’Amour, la Mort is a film directed by Claude Lelouch in 1968 (released in France in 1969).


François Toledo, a married businessman and father, falls head-over-heels in love with Janine, a colleague. However, after three dates, he feels dishonoured when he suffers from impotence. In frustration, he strangles some prostitutes before being arrested. He is tried and convicted, and sentenced to death on the guillotine.


  • Amidou : François Toledo
  • Caroline Cellier : Caroline
  • Janine Magnan : Janine
  • Marcel Bozzuffi
  • Pierre Zimmer
  • Pierre Collet
  • "El Cordobés"
  • Annie Girardot
  • Jacques Henry
  • Robert Hossein
  • Catherine Samie : Julie


  • Best Actor at the Rio Festival for Amidou