Adventures in Rainbow Country (TV Series 1969– )


Adventures in Rainbow Country (TV Series 1969– )

Teenager Billy Williams and his sister Hannah live with their mother Nancy at a hunting and fishing lodge in Rainbow Country, the popular name of the North Channel area of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. The lodge was built by Billy's father Frank, who disappeared two years earlier when his bush plane went down while he was prospecting for gold. At 15, Billy is an accomplished wilderness guide, scuba diver, angler, spelunker, white-water canoeist, photographer, marksman, rock climber, skydiver and electric bass player in his rock group The Thunderbirds. Billy sports a mop of shaggy blond hair and always wears a gold mohair sweater, a GWG denim jacket, beige jeans and Kodiak boots, even on the most sweltering of summer days. Billy's best friend is Pete Gawa, a native Canadian who is equally adept at all the outdoor skills. The inseparable pair experience an endless string of adventures, thwarting the designs of jewel thieves (Mystery at Whaleback Bay), kidnappers (Pursuit Along the Aux ...
IMDb  6.9 /10
Creator William Davidson
Release Date1973-09-19
Content Rating
CompanyABC Television Films Limited, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Manitou Productions Ltd.
Stephen Cottier
Stephen Cottier
Billy Williams 26 episodes, 1969-1970
Buckley Petawabano
Buckley Petawabano
Pete Gawa 26 episodes, 1969-1970
Susan Conway
Susan Conway
Hannah Wiliams / ... 26 episodes, 1969-1970
Roger Lemieux 26 episodes, 1969-1970
Wally Koster
Wally Koster
Dennis McGubgub 26 episodes, 1969-1970
Alan Mills
Alan Mills
Dougall McGregor 26 episodes, 1969-1970
Nancy Williams 26 episodes, 1969-1970

Adventures in Rainbow Country

Adventures in Rainbow Country was a Canadian television series, which aired on CBC Television in the 1970-71 TV season. Reruns were later shown on the American children's cable channel Nickelodeon during the early 1980s. A half hour family drama, the show starred Lois Maxwell (of James Bond fame) as Nancy Williams, a widow raising her children Billy (Stephen Cottier) and Hannah (Susan Conway) in rural Northern Ontario.


The show was filmed in 1969 around Whitefish Falls, which is near Espanola, Ontario, Canada. Many scenes were also shot at Birch Island and on Manitoulin Island.

Production and broadcasts

The show was very popular in Canada and technically never cancelled or axed. No further episodes were produced after the first season. There were 26 episodes produced in total.

It has continued to air in repeats, both in Canada and internationally — in Canada, the show had been seen on DejaView and Silver Screen Classics. In Australia, the series is screened on GEM.


  • Stephen Cottier as Billy Williams
  • Buckley Petawabano as Pete Gawa, Billy's Ojibwa friend
  • Susan Conway as Hannah Williams
  • Albert Millaire as Roger Lemieux, photographer/journalist
  • Wally Koster as Dennis McGubgub, bush pilot
  • Alan Mills as Dougal MacGregor, tugboat skipper
  • Lois Maxwell as Nancy Williams

Guest appearances

Actors who made appearances on the show included Donald Harron, Ken James, Chris Wiggins, Austin Willis, Peter Donat, Gordon Pinsent, Margot Kidder, Len Birman, Percy Rodrigues, Duke Redbird, Jean-Louis Roux, Murray Westgate, Anthony Kramreither and Eric Christmas.


The Sudbury and Manitoulin Districts are to this day known as the Rainbow Country tourist region, as a result of this series.

A cast, crew and fan reunion event took place in Whitefish Falls from 11 to 14 August 2006.