Black Spurs (1965)


Black Spurs (1965)

A dissatisfied ranch hand becomes a bounty hunter. He conspires with a crooked town boss to dirty up a neighboring village where a valuable railroad franchise is headed, in order to divert it to the town the boss owns. Then, he finds that his former fiancée is married to the sheriff of the town he seeks to destroy.
IMDb  5.8 /10
Director R.G. Springsteen
Writer Steve Fisher
Release Date1965-06-01
Runtime1h 21mins
Content RatingApproved (Approved)
CompanyA.C. Lyles Productions
Anna Elkins
Rev. Tanner
Gus Kile (as Lon Chaney)
Bill Henderson
Sheriff Ralph Elkins
Sheriff Dal Nemo
Joseph Hoover
Joseph Hoover

Black Spurs

Black Spurs is a 1965 American Western film directed by R. G. Springsteen and written by Steve Fisher. The film stars Rory Calhoun, Linda Darnell (in her final film role), Terry Moore, Scott Brady, Lon Chaney Jr., Richard Arlen and Bruce Cabot. The film was released on June 25, 1965, by Paramount Pictures.


Santee becomes a bounty hunter to earn enough to marry Anna, the woman he loves. But when he returns to their Kansas town, she has married the sheriff instead.

Out of spite, Santee schemes with land baron Kile to ruin the town's reputation so a railroad will be built by Kile's property instead. He arranges for a brothel madam, Sadie, and her employees to come to town. Reverend Tanner and other townspeople are appalled.

When things get out of hand, Tanner even being tarred and feathered, Santee changes sides. He helps clean up the community, then rides away, wishing Anna well.


  • Rory Calhoun as Santee
  • Linda Darnell as Sadie
  • Terry Moore as Anna Elkins
  • Scott Brady as Reverend Tanner
  • Lon Chaney Jr. as Gus Kile
  • Richard Arlen as Pete Muchin
  • Bruce Cabot as Bill Henderson
  • Patricia Owens as Clare Grubbs
  • James Best as Sheriff Ralph Elkins
  • Jerome Courtland as Sam Grubbs
  • DeForest Kelley as Sheriff Dal Nemo
  • Joseph Hoover as Swifty
  • James Brown as Sheriff
  • Robert Carricart as El Pescadore
  • Barbara Wilkin as Mrs. Rourke
  • Jeanne Baird as Mrs. Greta Nemo
  • Sandra Giles as Sadie's Girl - 1st
  • Sally Nichols as Sadie's Girl - 2nd
  • Rusty Allen as Sadie's Girl - 3rd
  • Joseph Forte as Banker
  • Guy Wilkerson as Henry
  • Lorraine Bendix as Henry's Wife, Mabel
  • Read Morgan as Blacksmith
  • Patricia King as Kyle Townslady
  • Chuck Roberson as Prisoner Norton
  • Howard Joslin as Prisoner Cobb
  • Max Power as Doctor
  • William Bickmore as Chad Elkins
  • Manuel Padilla Jr. as Manuel Reese