White Slave Ship (1961)


White Slave Ship (1961)
L'ammutinamento (original title)

The Albatross travels from England to the New World in 1675, with a number of passengers, a couple of political prisoners along with a dozen other women convicts, these to be sold into slavery on arrival. The woman activist frees the dozen of low-cast women, and they take over the ship. After a storm, the captain takes back control of his ship. Since mutiny is punishable by death in the New World, the mutineers try to reroute the course, tossing Desny and Purdom in the brig. A practical male mutineer wants to throw the women overboard to save rations, but the women free Purdom and the captain to battle the mutineers. A British warship comes to the rescue, and the captain pardons Angeli and Purdom for having saved his life.
IMDb   5.3 /10
Director Silvio Amadio
Writer Sandro Continenza
Writer Marcello Coscia
Writer Ruggero Jacobbi
Release Date1961-12-01
Runtime1h 32min
Content Rating
CompanyChamps-Élysées Productions, Giorgio Agliani Cinematografica, Gladiator Film
CountryItaly, France
Polly (as Anna Maria Pierangeli)
Armand Mestral
Armand Mestral
Calico Jack
Captain Cooper
Franco Capucci
Franco Capucci
Renato Speziali
Renato Speziali
Lady Graveston
Mirko Ellis
Mirko Ellis
Lord Graveston
Paola Petrini
Paola Petrini
Detenuta rossa di capelli
Ruth von Hagen
Ruth von Hagen
Julia Smith
Ivy Holzer
Ivy Holzer
Sarah Wickes
Renato Mambor
Renato Mambor
Renato Montalbano
Renato Montalbano

White Slave Ship

White Slave Ship is a 1961 film directed by Silvio Amadio and starring Pier Angeli and Edmund Purdom. Titled L'ammutinamento on its original Italian release, it was released in the United States in 1962.


Set in 1675, the film was about a group of convicts being transported from London to the New World as white slaves aboard the ship Albatross, captained by Isaac Cooper (Ivan Desny). Among the convicts held in chains below decks are Doctor Robert Bradley, a political prisoner being transported to the American colonies for treating a wounded rebel (Purdom); Polly, a prostitute (Pier Angeli) and a murderer, Calico Jack (Armand Mestral). Above decks and living in comparative luxury are an upper class English family, the Medford's, including their beautiful daughter Anna (Michele Girardon). Halfway across the Atlantic; the prisoners escape and take over the ship. Robert Bradley saves Anna's life and, despite their very different stations in life, the two gradually fall in love.


  • Pier Angeli as Polly
  • Edmund Purdom as Dr. Robert Bradley
  • Armand Mestral as Calico Jack
  • Ivan Desny as Captain Isaac Cooper
  • Michèle Girardon as Anna Medford
  • Mirko Ellis as Lord Graveston


White Slave Ship, a 1961 French-Italian co-production in TotalScope and Eastman Color, was purchased by American International Pictures in 1962, who dubbed the film into English and replaced the original music score by Angelo Lavagnino with one by Les Baxter. AIP released it in ColorScope and Pathe Color.