Return of a Stranger (1961)


Return of a Stranger (1961)

John and Pam have bought a terrace house in a village, and move into it with their little son. In the middle of the night Pam notices that a man is peeping at them from the pavement outside. When he reemerges on the same spot in daytime, she starts becoming nervous. When she later bumps into the same man in the local supermarket, she gets terrified. She tells her husband that when she was 14 years old and lived in an orphanage, a 25 year old man courted her, gave her lots of presents and finally wanted to marry her. She tried to avoid him, he raped her, and it all ended with him being imprisoned. She is sure that he now has come back. Step by step the foreigner escalates his terror against the couple, ending in an attempt to murder John. By sheer luck John is saved, while a colleague happens to be killed instead of him. As a final stroke the stranger tries to capture Pam in her home at night and kidnap her. When John and Pam try to call for help, they find out that their telephone ...
IMDb  5.4 /10
Director Max Varnel
Writer Brian Clemens
Release Date1961-12-07
Runtime1h 3mins
GenreCrime, Thriller
Content Rating
CompanyDanziger Productions Ltd.
Homer Trent
Timothy Beaton
Timothy Beaton
Tommy Reed
Raymond Rollett
Raymond Rollett
Police Sergeant
Maureen Beck
Maureen Beck
Shirley Cain
Shirley Cain
Denis Holmes
Denis Holmes
Cavan Malone
Cavan Malone

Return of a Stranger (1961 film)

Return of a Stranger is a 1961 British thriller film directed by Max Varnel and starring John Ireland, Susan Stephen, Cyril Shaps and Timothy Beaton.


The quiet suburban world of Pam and John Allen is shattered when a strange man begins stalking them with late night phone calls and sudden disturbing appearances. It emerges that the man, Homer Trent, was a part of Pam's teenage past at an orphanage. He was besotted with her then, and was eventually imprisoned for her rape. Now free, Trent is intent on claiming Pam.


  • John Ireland - John Allen
  • Susan Stephen - Pam Allen
  • Cyril Shaps - Homer Trent
  • Timothy Beaton - Tommy Allen
  • Patrick McAlinney - Whittaker
  • Kevin Stoney - Wayne
  • Ian Fleming - Meecham
  • Raymond Rollett - Somerset
  • Frederick Piper - Fred
  • Martin Carthy - Lift Boy

Critical reception

Britmovie called Return of a Stranger a "Creepy yet risible Brian Clemens scripted quota-quickie thriller from low-budget specialists the Danziger Brothers"; while TV Guide gave it two out of four stars, and called it a "Creepy, very suspenseful thriller...Taut direction by Varnel and good performances from the principals make this one memorable."