The Third Man (1959–1965)


The Third Man (TV Series 1959–1965)

Harry Lime makes money dealing art and solves crime to save his life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
IMDb   8 /10
TheMovieDb    1.0 /10
Creator Robert M. Leeds
Creator Julian Amyes
Creator Graham Greene
Release Date1959-01-28
GenreCrime, Drama
Content Rating
CompanyBritish Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), National Telefilm Associates (NTA), Prestige Productions
Harry Limeas Harry Lime
Bradford Websteras Bradford Webster
Naomi Chance
Naomi Chance
Janetas Janet
Insp. Arthur Shillingsas Insp. Arthur Shillings…
Henri Boncaras Henri Boncar…
Lindaas Linda…
Kamal Hakimas Kamal Hakim…
Prakrianas Prakrian
Johannsenas Johannsen
André Mikhelson
André Mikhelson
St. Remyas St. Remy
Dennis Nesbitas Dennis Nesbit
Bertollias Bertolli…
Paul Priceas Paul Price…
Consuela Rondaas Consuela Ronda…
Hannaas Hanna…
General Mariusas General Marius…
Elena Villanoas Elena Villano…
Arlattias Arlatti…

The Third Man (TV series)

The Third Man was a TV series which ran from 1959 to 1965. It was based on the novel and film The Third Man and starred Michael Rennie as Harry Lime. Lime is now an international private investigator.

The series was a co-production between the NTA Film Network and the BBC. The first twenty episodes were shot at 20th Century Fox studios in Hollywood. Later episodes were filmed at Shepperton Studios and Associated-British Elstree Studios, in England.


  • Michael Rennie as Harry Lime
  • Jonathan Harris as Bradford Webster


Season 1 (1959–60)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"One Kind Word"Cliff OwenIain MacCormick2 October 1959
22"The Man Who Died Twice"Paul StanleyA.J. Carothers9 October 1959
33"Death of an Overlord"David Orrick McDearmonDavid Swift16 October 1959
44"The Best Policy"Julian AmyesJohn Player23 October 1959
55"The Indispensable Man"Paul StanleyJack Laird30 October 1959
66"Sparks from a Dead Fire"Paul StanleyRobert Yale Libott6 November 1959
77"Three Dancing Turtles"Julian AmyesJohn Kruse13 November 1959
88"Hollywood Incident"Paul StanleyRichard Berg20 November 1959
99"A Question of Price"David Orrick McDearmonHarry Brown27 November 1959
1010"The Importance of Being Harry Lime"Julian AmyesIain MacCormick4 December 1959
1111"Barcelona Passage"Cliff OwenGilbert Winfield18 December 1959
1212"Listen for the Sound of a Witch"Arthur HillerHagar Wilde1 January 1960
1313"A Collector's Item"Julian AmyesJohn Player8 January 1960
1414"How to Buy a Country"Paul StanleyRobert Yale Libott & A.J. Carothers15 January 1960
1515"Dinner in Paris"Anthony BushellIain MacCormick22 January 1960
1616"The Third Medallion"Paul StanleyMilton Gelman29 January 1960
1717"The Angry Young Man"Arthur HillerRichard Berg5 February 1960
1818"High Finance"Julian AmyesAnthony Steven12 February 1960
1919"Castle in Spain"Arthur HillerStanford Whitmore19 February 1960
2020"Toys of the Dead"Anthony BushellJohn Kruse26 February 1960
2121"The Girl Who Didn't Know"Arthur HillerIain MacCormick4 March 1960
2222"A Deal in Oils"Julian AmyesAlun Falconer11 March 1960
2323"A Man Takes a Trip"Paul StanleyJameson Brewer25 March 1960
2424"A Pocketful of Sin"Arthur HillerLászló Görög1 April 1960
2525"The Man Who Wouldn't Talk"Anthony BushellJohn Player8 April 1960
2626"The Tenth Symphony"Anthony BushellIain MacCormick23 April 1960
2727"Trouble at Drill Hill"David Orrick McDearmonDavid Swift13 May 1960
2828"The Man with Two Left Hands"Julian AmyesJohn Warwick27 May 1960
2929"As the Twig Is Bent"Arthur HillerDavid Chandler3 June 1960
3030"A Box of Eyes"Julian AmyesJohn Kruse10 June 1960
3131"An Experiment with Money"Julian AmyesMargot Bennett24 June 1960
3232"Broken Strings"Paul StanleyRichard Collins & Milton Gelman1 July 1960
3333"Five Hours to Kill"Arthur HillerOliver Crawford8 July 1960
3434"The Widow Who Wasn't"Anthony BushellLindsay Galloway15 July 1960
3535"Death in Small Instalments"Julian AmyesRex Rientis22 July 1960
3636"Harry Lime and the King"Anthony BushellJohn Graeme29 July 1960
3737"Dark Island"Paul StanleyEd Adamson5 August 1960
3838"Confessions of an Honest Man"Paul StanleyMerwin Gerard12 August 1960
3939"An Offering of Pearls"Cliff OwenMargot Bennett19 August 1960

Season 2 (1962–63)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
401"A Question of Libel"Stuart BurgeGraham Greene & John Warwick2 July 1962
412"Mischka"Robert M. LeedsGraham Greene, Tom Gries, & Mary C. McCall Jr.9 July 1962
423"The Cross of Candos"Robert M. LeedsGraham Greene & Ben Perry16 July 1962
434"Happy Birthday"Paul HenreidGraham Greene & Philip Saltzman13 August 1962
445"Queen of the Nile"Paul HenreidGraham Greene & Robert Sherman20 August 1962
456"Calculated Risk"Paul HenreidMary C. McCall Jr. & Fred Schiller30 March 1963
467"No Word for Danger"Robert M. LeedsVincent Tilsley6 April 1963
478"Lord Bradford"Robert M. LeedsAnthony Steven & Vincent Tilsley13 April 1963
489"King's Ransom"David MacDonaldAnthony Steven20 April 1963
4910"Hamburg Shakedown"John NewlandJohn Kruse & Mary McCall27 April 1963
5011"The Unexpected Mr. Lime"Robert M. LeedsPeter Yeldham4 May 1963
5112"Diamond in the Rough"Paul HenreidRichard Levinson & William Link11 May 1963
5213"Portrait of Harry"Robert M. LeedsJohn Player18 May 1963
5314"Man in Power"Robert M. LeedsRobert Leslie Bellem25 May 1963
5415"Meeting of the Board"Paul HenreidRobert Sherman8 June 1963
5516"Hansel and Son"Robert M. LeedsLee Berg & Mary C. McCall Jr.15 June 1963
5617"Act of Atonement"Robert M. LeedsRobert Sherman13 July 1963
5718"Ghost Town"Robert M. LeedsRichard Levinson & William Link27 July 1963
5819"Gold Napoleons"Robert M. LeedsP.K. Palmer3 August 1963
5920"Bradford's Dream"Robert M. LeedsAnthony Steven & Vincent Tilsley10 August 1963
6021"The Way of McEagle"David MacDonaldJohn Player17 August 1963
6122"Who Killed Harry Lime?"Robert M. LeedsPhilip Saltzman24 August 1963

Season 3 (1964)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
621"A Question in Ice"Robert M. LeedsJohn Warwick27 June 1964
632"I.O.U."Robert M. LeedsRobert Bloomfield4 July 1964
643"A Crisis in Crocodiles"Robert M. LeedsJohn Warwick1 August 1964
654"Judas Goat"Paul HenreidRobert Sherman8 August 1964
665"A Little Knowledge"Robert M. LeedsRaymond Bowers15 August 1964
676"The Day of the Bullfighter"Paul HenreidPhilip Saltzman22 August 1964
687"Mars in Conjunction"John AinsworthPhyllis White & Robert White5 September 1964
698"The Big Kill"Paul HenreidRobert Sherman12 September 1964
709"Frame Up"Paul HenreidGene Wang26 September 1964

Season 4 (1965)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
711"The Trial of Harry Lime"Robert M. LeedsMichael Gilbert16 July 1965
722"Members Only: Part 1"Robert M. LeedsTBA23 July 1965
733"Members Only: Part 2"Robert M. LeedsTBA30 July 1965
744"The House of Bon-Bons"Robert M. LeedsJohn Kruse6 August 1965
755"The Man at the Top"John Llewellyn MoxeyJohn Warwick13 August 1965
766"Proxy Fight"TBATBA20 August 1965
777"The Luck of Harry Lime"Paul HenreidGene Wang27 August 1965