Bullwhip (1958)


Bullwhip (1958)

Steve Dailey is in the Abilene, Kansas jail waiting to be hanged when Judge Carr brings Cheyenne O'Malley into his cell and says that Dailey can go free if he marries the girl, without knowing her name, because she must have a husband to claim an estate. Dailey agrees and gets a letter of pardon from the Judge, who plans to kill him, but Dailey, with the help of his friend, Podo, escapes the jail and the Judge's hired killer, "Slow" Karp. He sets out to find his new bride but is captured and taken to the mansion of John Parnell. The latter tells Dailey that Cheyenne is actually a half-breed who runs a fur-trading company and needed a husband because of provisions in her father's will. Parnell is also a fur-trader but he wants Dailey to take over her business so they can work together. Dailey agrees, trails the wagon train and takes over but not before Cheyenne bull-whips him. Meanwhile, Karp has been hired by Judge Carr to kill Dailey and hired by Parnell to keep him alive. He plays ...
IMDb  5.3 /10
Director Harmon Jones
Writer Adele Buffington
Release Date1958-06-21
Runtime1h 20mins
GenreCrime, Romance, Western
Content RatingApproved (Approved)
CompanyRomson Productions, William F. Broidy Productions
Steve Daley
Cheyenne O'Malley
Judge Carr
John Parnell
Burt Nelson
Burt Nelson
Pine Hawk
Al Terr
Al Terr
Lem Pierce
Wayne Mallory
Wayne Mallory
Barbara Wooddell
Barbara Wooddell
Mrs. Sarah Mason (as Barbara Woodell)
Rush Williams
Rush Williams
Don Shelton
Don Shelton
Hotel Keeper
Jack Reynolds
Jack Reynolds

Bullwhip (film)

Bullwhip is a 1958 American Western film directed by Harmon Jones and starring Guy Madison and Rhonda Fleming. The film is about a cowboy in Abilene, Kansas who agrees to a marriage to avoid being hanged. The film was shot at Kenny Ranch in Murphys, California. It was the final feature film screenplay of Adele Buffington.


Steve Daley is about to be hanged for a killing he committed in self-defense when a crooked judge makes him an offer. If he is willing to marry a woman who needs to be wed immediately to collect an inheritance, Steve will be set free. He agrees and is married to a woman identified only as "Julia," who kisses him once and immediately leaves town.

Given an affidavit as proof of his innocence, Steve is turned loose, but immediately fired upon by a gunman, Karp, who works for the town's sheriff. Steve's old sidekick Podo rescues him and together they ride off, angering the sheriff.

On the trail, they meet John Parnell, a fur trader, who reveals that the woman is actually Cheyenne O'Malley, heiress to a prosperous fur business. Parnell wants to be in business with her. He offers a reward to Steve and Podo if they will catch her wagon train and persuade her to see things his way. Behind their backs, Parnell also pays Karp to go after them.

Catching up to her, Steve assumes his rights as a husband, with both the wagons and his wife. Cheyenne resists, cracking her bullwhip at him, though she also has developed romantic feelings toward him. After a falling out, however, Cheyenne steals the affidavit, which is in turn stolen by Karp from her. Cheyenne realizes what she has done and helps Steve put things right, exposing Parnell and beginning a new life together.


  • Guy Madison as Steve Daley
  • Rhonda Fleming as Cheyenne O'Malley
  • James Griffith as 'Slow' Karp
  • Don Beddoe as Judge Carr
  • Peter Adams as John Parnell
  • Dan Sheridan as Podo
  • Burt Nelson as Pine Hawk
  • Al Terr as Lem Pierce
  • Tim Graham as Pete
  • Hank Worden as Tex
  • Wayne Mallory as Larry
  • Barbara Woodell as Mrs. Sarah Mason
  • Rush Williams as Judd
  • Don Shelton as Hotel Keeper
  • Jack Reynolds as Sheriff