The Real McCoys (TV Series 1957–1963)


The Real McCoys (TV Series 1957–1963)

From the hills of West Virginia, Amos McCoy moves his family to an inherited farm in California. Grandpa Amos is quick to give advice to his three grandchildren and wonders how his neighbors ever managed without him around.
IMDb  7.5 /10
Creator Irving Pincus
Release Date1957-10-03
GenreComedy, Family
Content Rating
AwardsNominated for 5 Primetime Emmys.
CompanyBrennan-Westgate, Marterto Productions
Grandpa Amos McCoy / ... 225 episodes, 1957-1963
Luke McCoy 225 episodes, 1957-1963
Kathleen Nolan
Kathleen Nolan
Kate McCoy 186 episodes, 1957-1962
Tony Martinez
Tony Martinez
Pepino 152 episodes, 1957-1963
Little Luke 136 episodes, 1957-1962
Hassie 124 episodes, 1957-1962

The Real McCoys

The Real McCoys is an American situation comedy co-produced by Danny Thomas's Marterto Productions in association with Walter Brennan and Irving Pincus's Westgate Company. The series was broadcast for six seasons, five by the ABC-TV network from 1957–1962 and a final year, 1962–63 by CBS. Set in the San Fernando Valley of California, the series was filmed in Hollywood at Desilu studios.


The Real McCoys concerns the lives of a family originally from the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, from a fictional place named Smokey Corners. The McCoys relocated to California to live and work on a farm they inherited from a relative. The family consists of Grandpa Amos McCoy (Walter Brennan); his grandson Luke (Richard Crenna); Luke's new wife Kate (Kathleen Nolan); Luke's teenage sister Tallahassie "Hassie" (Lydia Reed); and his 11-year-old brother "Little Luke" (Michael Winkelman). The double-naming of the brothers is explained during the first full episode ("Californy, Here We Come"), when the elder Luke introduces Little Luke to Pepino Garcia (Tony Martinez) and says, "Well, you see, in the excitement of having him, Ma and Pa 'plum' forgot they already had me". Only Crenna appeared in all 225 episodes.

The McCoys' farm had previously been owned by an uncle, Ben McCoy, who died. The former West Virginians join the Grange farm association and hire Pepino as a farmworker after he informs them that he had worked for Ben, serving as his "foreman" on the property. In the episode broadcast on January 8, 1962, Pepino becomes an American citizen and assumes the surname "McCoy". The McMichaels, a brother and sister combination played by Andy Clyde and Madge Blake in twenty-nine and twenty-one episodes, respectively, lived on the hill not far from the McCoys. Amos McCoy and George McMichael, both mischievous, crotchety old men, would sometimes quarrel, often about their games of checkers and horseshoes. Kate is friendly with the much older Flora McMichael, George's sister, and becomes involved with life in the community.

Though still in her twenties of age, Kate serves as a mother figure for Luke's younger siblings, Hassie and Little Luke, and one episode shows her bewilderment in trying to entice the children to take responsibility for their school studies. Many episodes have a moral theme consistent with the conservative opinions of Walter Brennan, such as two 1957 segments entitled "You Can't Cheat An Honest Man" with Joseph Kearns, later of the television series Dennis the Menace, and "Gambling Is A Sin", in which Amos allows a casino to advertise on McCoy property before the ethics of the matter is brought to his attention. Other such episodes are "Go Fight City Hall", "The Taxman Cometh", "You Can't Always Be a Hero", "You Never Get Too Old", "Where There's a Will", "Beware a Smart Woman", "Money in the Bank", "How to Win Friends", "You're As Young As You Feel", "Honesty Is the Best Policy", and "Never a Lender Be".

Perhaps one of the more memorable episodes, "The New Well" (October 30, 1958), contrasts science with folklore, when Grandpa's divining rod proves superior to the paid recommendation of a geologist, played by Joe Flynn, in locating a new water source on the farm. In the 1958 episode "It Pays to Be Poor", John Dehner plays Roger Brewster, a hard-edged New York City businessman determined to buy the McCoy farm to use it as the site of a motel; but encouraged by his kindly wife (Dorothy Green), he soon develops an unexpected appreciation for the basic values and personal benefits of rural living.

In "Little Luke's Education" (February 6, 1958), Amos confronts bigotry among the local children against hillbilly peoples such as the McCoys. In "Grampa's Private War" (February 12, 1959), Amos gets so enthusiastic with patriotic fervor that he claims to have fought as a soldier commanded by Theodore Roosevelt in the Spanish–American War, but Walter Brennan was four years old when that war was fought during 1898. Then Amos is invited to speak at a Veterans Day ceremony.

Jon Lormer was cast seven times as an actor for The Real McCoys during 1959 and 1960, six as the character Sam Watkins. Joan Blondell appeared three times near the end of the series as Aunt Win. Marjorie Bennett was cast three times as Amanda Comstock. Pat Buttram and Howard McNear also appeared three times; they were subsequently cast as Eustace Haney on CBS's Green Acres and as Floyd the Barber on CBS's The Andy Griffith Show. Olin Howland and Willard Waterman appeared five times each as Charley Perkins and Mac Maginnis, respectively.

Early in the series, Charles Lane, who often appeared in a character role on I Love Lucy, was cast twice as Harry Poulson, a fast-talking egg salesman; Hassie McCoy has an interest in Harry's son. During 1963, Jack Oakie appeared three times in the role of Uncle Rightly. Dick Elliott was cast twice as Doc Thornton, and Lurene Tuttle appeared twice as Gladys Purvis, the widowed mother of series character Kate McCoy, with Jay Novello in one of those appearances as Gladys' intended second husband, a retired photographer from Fresno.

Malcolm Cassell appeared several times as Hassie McCoy's boyfriend, Tommy. Edward Everett Horton (the narrator of Fractured Fairy Tales) played J. Luther Medwick, the grandfather of Hassie's other boyfriend, Jerry; Medwick and Amos soon clash. Verna Felton, a member of the December Bride cast, appeared once as Cousin Naomi Vesper. Jesse White, known later as the actor portraying a Maytag repairman for television commercials and subsequently a cast member of CBS's The Ann Sothern Show, portrayed a used car salesman named "San Fernando Harry" who clashes with Amos McCoy in "The New Car" (October 2, 1958). On June 1, 1961, Amos, Luke, and Kate return to West Virginia for the 100th-birthday gathering of "Grandmother McCoy", played by Jane Darwell. In one episode, Lee Van Cleef played a sentry; in another Tom Skerritt appeared as a letter carrier.

The episode "The Tycoon" (August 30, 1960) four years later coincidentally became the title of Brennan's next ABC sitcom, The Tycoon, with his co-actor Van Williams. Barbara Stanwyck made a cameo appearance in the 1959 episode, "The McCoys Go To Hollywood", which also features Dorothy Provine, and a glimpse of the Desilu Studios, where the series was filmed. In 1961, Fay Wray is featured in the episode "Theatre in the Barn", as herself. She volunteers to direct a local amateur production to raise money for the Grange.

Just before The Real McCoys ended as an ABC series, Nolan quit the series due to a contract dispute and was written out of the remaining scripts: her character of Kate died, but details were never given. Hassie left home to attend college, and Little Luke joined the United States Army. For the final season she appeared only in the first episode—he never did. Amos McCoy did not appear in many episodes. Luke was a widower, and many of the stories concerned Grandpa trying to find him a new wife. This nearly succeeded when Luke met Louise Howard, portrayed by Janet De Gore, a widow with a young son, Greg, played by Butch Patrick, later of CBS's series The Munsters.


Season 1 (1957–58)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
11"Californy, Here We Come"Sheldon LeonardBill ManhoffOctober 3, 1957
22"The Egg War"Sheldon LeonardBill ManhoffOctober 10, 1957
33"Kate's Dress"Sheldon LeonardJack Elinson & Charles StewartOctober 17, 1957
44"Grampa Sells His Gun"Hy AverbackBill Manhoff & Leonard BurnsOctober 24, 1957
55"A Question of Discipline"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartOctober 31, 1957
66"You Can't Cheat an Honest Man"Sheldon LeonardJack Elinson & Charles StewartNovember 7, 1957
77"Luke Gets His Freedom"Sheldon LeonardHenry Sharp & Bill ManhoffNovember 14, 1957
88"Grampa's Date"Sheldon LeonardBill ManhoffNovember 21, 1957
99"The Fishing Contest"Hy AverbackPaul Henning & Dick WessonNovember 28, 1957
1010"It's a Woman's World"Hy AverbackTeleplay by: Bill Manhoff
Story by: Irving Pincus
December 5, 1957
1111"The Bigger They Are"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartDecember 12, 1957
1212"Gambling is a Sin"Hy AverbackBill Davenport & Jim FritzellDecember 19, 1957
1313"Let's Be Buddies"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartDecember 26, 1957
1414"Grampa and the Driver's License"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffJanuary 2, 1958
1515"The Lady's Man"Hy AverbackBill Davenport & Jim FritzellJanuary 9, 1958
1616"Luke's Mother-in-Law"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffJanuary 16, 1958
1717"The Matchmaker"Hy AverbackArthur DalesJanuary 23, 1958
1818"The Goodys Come to Town"Hy AverbackBill Manhoff & Leonard BurnsJanuary 30, 1958
1919"Little Luke's Education"Hy AverbackBill Manhoff & Leonard BurnsFebruary 6, 1958
2020"Time to Retire"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartFebruary 13, 1958
2121"Grampa's Proposal"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartFebruary 20, 1958
2222"The Honeymoon"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartFebruary 27, 1958
2323"Once There Was a Traveling Saleswoman"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffMarch 6, 1958
2424"My Favorite Uncle"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartMarch 13, 1958
2525"Grampa's Birthday"Hy AverbackArthur DalesMarch 20, 1958
2626"New Doctor in Town"Hy AverbackBob O'Brien & Irving ElinsonMarch 27, 1958
2727"For Love or Money"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffApril 3, 1958
2828"Kate's Career"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles Stewart & Irving ElinsonApril 10, 1958
2929"When a Fellow Needs a Friend"Hy AverbackDavid Adler & Henry SharpApril 17, 1958
3030"It Pays to Be Poor"Hy AverbackHenry Sharp & Bill ManhoffApril 24, 1958
3131"The Life of the Party"Hy AverbackCharles Stewart & Jack Elinson & Irving ElinsonMay 1, 1958
3232"Three is a Crowd"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffMay 8, 1958
3333"The New Look"Hy AverbackWilliam Cowley & Peggy Chantler DickMay 15, 1958
3434"Volunteer Fire Department"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartMay 22, 1958
3535"You Can't Always Be a Hero"Hy AverbackHenry Sharp & David AdlerMay 29, 1958
3636"The Homely Boy"Hy AverbackPaul West & Irving ElinsonJune 5, 1958
3737"Her Flaming Youth"Hy AverbackCharles Stewart & Jack ElinsonJune 12, 1958
3838"The Corn Eating Contest"Hy AverbackGeorge W. George & Judy GeorgeJune 19, 1958
3939"You're Never Too Old"Hy AverbackNate Monaster & Arthur AlsbergJune 26, 1958

Season 2 (1958–59)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
401"The New Car"Hy AverbackStanley Shapiro & Maurice RichlinOctober 2, 1958
412"Grandpa Learns About Teenagers"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartOctober 9, 1958
423"Blow the House Down"Hy AverbackJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenOctober 16, 1958
434"The Dancin' Fool"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffOctober 23, 1958
445"The New Well"Hy AverbackStanley Shapiro & Maurice RichlinOctober 30, 1958
456"The New Dog"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffNovember 6, 1958
467"Sing for Your Supper"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartNovember 13, 1958
478"Do You Kiss Your Wife?"Hy AverbackBill Davenport & Arthur JulianNovember 20, 1958
489"The Perfect Swine"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumNovember 27, 1958
4910"Leave It to the Girls"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartDecember 4, 1958
5011"The Gift"Hy AverbackJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenDecember 11, 1958
5112"The New Hired Hand"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartDecember 18, 1958
5213"The New Neighbors"Hy AverbackPaul West & Irving ElinsonDecember 25, 1958
5314"Luke Gets a Job"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartJanuary 1, 1959
5415"The McCoys Visit Hollywood"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartJanuary 8, 1959
5516"The Bank Loan"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumJanuary 15, 1959
5617"The Great Discovery"Hy AverbackFred S. Fox & Maurice RichlinJanuary 22, 1959
5718"Son of the Mystic Nile"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartJanuary 29, 1959
5819"Kate Learns to Drive"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartFebruary 5, 1959
5920"Grampa's Private War"Hy AverbackGeorge W. George & Henry SharpFebruary 12, 1959
6021"The Rainmaker"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumFebruary 19, 1959
6122"The Perfect Houseguest"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartFebruary 26, 1959
6223"The Wedding"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffMarch 5, 1959
6324"Kate's Diet"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffMarch 12, 1959
6425"What's a Family For?"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartMarch 19, 1959
6526"Grampa Takes the Primrose Path"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumMarch 26, 1959
6627"Batter Up!"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartApril 2, 1959
6728"Sweet Fifteen"Hy AverbackIrving Elinson & Paul WestApril 9, 1959
6829"Sweet Fifteen"Hy AverbackIrving Elinson & Paul WestApril 16, 1959
6930"Two's Company"Hy AverbackBob RossApril 23, 1959
7031"The Tax Man Cometh"Hy AverbackEverett Greenbaum & Jim FritzellApril 30, 1959
7132"The Mrs. Homemaker Contest"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartMay 7, 1959
7233"The Insurance Policy"Hy AverbackBob RossMay 14, 1959
7334"How to Paint a House"Hy AverbackCharles Stewart & Jack ElinsonMay 21, 1959
7435"The Great Woodsman"Hy AverbackNorman PaulMay 28, 1959
7536"The Big Skeet Shoot"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartJune 4, 1959
7637"Grampa's New Job"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumJune 11, 1959
7738"The Actor"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffJune 18, 1959
7839"Fire When Ready, Grandpa"Hy AverbackTeleplay by: Paul West
Story by: Frank Gabrielson
June 25, 1959

Season 3 (1959–60)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
791"The Farmer Took a Wife"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartJuly 16, 1959
802"The Game Warden"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumJuly 23, 1959
813"The Screen Test"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumJuly 30, 1959
824"Work No More, My Lady"Hy AverbackHenry SharpAugust 6, 1959
835"The Garden Club"Hy AverbackNorman Paul & Bob WhiteAugust 13, 1959
846"The Weaker Sex?"Hy AverbackBen Gershman & Bob WhiteAugust 27, 1959
857"The Fighter and the Lady"Hy AverbackPaul Henning & Dick WessonSeptember 3, 1959
868"The Gas Station"Hy AverbackBob RossSeptember 10, 1959
879"Grampa Fights the Air Force"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumSeptember 17, 1959
8810"The Girls at Mom's Place"Hy AverbackNorman Paul & Bob WhiteSeptember 24, 1959
8911"The Politician"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartOctober 8, 1959
9012"Pepino Takes a Bride"Hy AverbackBen Gershman & Bob WhiteOctober 15, 1959
9113"Hot Rod"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumOctober 22, 1959
9214"The Ghostbreakers"Hy AverbackHenry SharpNovember 5, 1959
9315"The Marriage Broker"Hy AverbackBen Gershman & Bob WhiteNovember 12, 1959
9416"How to Build a Boat"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumNovember 19, 1959
9517"The Artist"Hy AverbackTeleplay by: Bob Ross
Story by: Ralph Goodman & William Danch
November 26, 1959
9618"The Perfume Salesman"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumDecember 3, 1959
9719"The Television Set"Hy AverbackBen Gershman & Bob WhiteDecember 10, 1959
9820"The Lawsuit"Hy AverbackBill ManhoffDecember 17, 1959
9921"The Town Councilman"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumDecember 24, 1959
10022"Cousin Naomi"Hy AverbackTeleplay by: Phil Shuken & John L. Greene
Story by: Irving Pincus
January 7, 1960
10123"The Bowling Champ"Hy AverbackBen Gershman & Bob WhiteJanuary 28, 1960
10224"The Talk of the Town"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumFebruary 4, 1960
10325"Once There Was a Man"Hy AverbackFred S. Fox & Irving ElinsonFebruary 11, 1960
10426"Weekend in Los Angeles"Hy AverbackJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumFebruary 18, 1960
10527"First Date"Hy AverbackIrving Elinson & Paul WestMarch 3, 1960
10628"How to Discover Oil"Hy AverbackArthur Stander & David AdlerMarch 10, 1960
10729"A House Divided"Hy AverbackJack Elinson & Charles StewartMarch 17, 1960

Season 4 (1960–61)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1081"Foreman of the Jury"James V. KernJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumAugust 4, 1960
1092"One for the Money"David AlexanderTeleplay by: John L. Greene & Phil Shuken
Story by: Irving Pincus
August 11, 1960
1103"That Was No Lady"David AlexanderBob RossAugust 18, 1960
1114"The Tycoon"David AlexanderJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumAugust 25, 1960
1125"Where There's a Will"David AlexanderBob RossSeptember 1, 1960
1136"The Jinx"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenSeptember 8, 1960
1147"The Delegates"David AlexanderBen Gershman & Bob WhiteSeptember 15, 1960
1158"The Gigolo"Charles BartonTeleplay by: John L. Greene & Phil Shuken
Story by: Irving Pincus
September 22, 1960
1169"Teenage Wedding"Charles BartonJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumSeptember 29, 1960
11710"McCoys, Ahoy"Charles BartonJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumOctober 6, 1960
11811"Beware a Smart Woman"Charles BartonPhil Shuken & John L. GreeneOctober 13, 1960
11912"Executive Wife"David AlexanderTeleplay by: Jim Fritzell & Everett Greenbaum
Story by: Arnold Horwitt & Michael L. Morris
October 20, 1960
12013"Pepino McCoy"David AlexanderTeleplay by: John L. Greene & Phil Shuken
Story by: Irving Pincus
October 27, 1960
12114"Father and Son Day"David AlexanderBen Gershman & Bob WhiteNovember 10, 1960
12215"Farmer or Scientist"David AlexanderJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumNovember 17, 1960
12316"The New Librarian"David AlexanderBudd GrossmanNovember 24, 1960
12417"Smothered in Love"Charles BartonHenry Winkler & Elon PackardDecember 1, 1960
12518"Baldy"Charles BartonJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumDecember 8, 1960
12619"The Hermit"Charles BartonDanny ArnoldDecember 15, 1960
12720"The Legacy"Charles BartonPhil Shuken & John L. GreeneDecember 22, 1960
12821"A Bundle from Japan"Charles BartonJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumJanuary 12, 1961
12922"The Horse Expert"Charles BartonTeleplay by: Jim Fritzell & Everett Greenbaum
Story by: Helen Diller & Andy Brennan
January 19, 1961
13023"The City Boy"David AlexanderDavid Adler & Leo RifkinJanuary 26, 1961
13124"The Investors"David AlexanderJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumFebruary 2, 1961
13225"If You Can't Lick 'Em"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenFebruary 9, 1961
13326"The Rival"David AlexanderJim Fritzell & William Davenport & Bob RossFebruary 16, 1961
13427"The Good Neighbor Policy"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenFebruary 23, 1961
13528"You Can't Beat the Army"David AlexanderHarvey BullockMarch 2, 1961
13629"The Bazaar"David AlexanderHenry Winkler & Elon PackardMarch 9, 1961
13730"The Swedish Girl"David AlexanderJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumMarch 16, 1961
13831"The New Sunday School Teacher"Richard CrennaHarvey BullockMarch 23, 1961
13932"Baseball vs. Love"Richard CrennaJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumMarch 30, 1961
14033"Theater in the Barn"Lawrence DobkinTeleplay by: Bob Ross
Story by: Arthur Marx & Mannie Manheim
April 6, 1961
14134"George Retires"Lawrence DobkinJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumApril 13, 1961
14235"Pepino's Wedding"David AlexanderTeleplay by: Bob Ross
Story by: John L. Greene & Phil Shuken
April 27, 1961
14336"Sorority Girl"David AlexanderWilliam Raynor & Myles WilderMay 4, 1961
14437"Kate Comes Home"David AlexanderJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumMay 11, 1961
14538"Money in the Bank"David AlexanderPhil SharpMay 18, 1961
14639"A Man of Influence"David AlexanderHarvey BullockMay 25, 1961

Season 5 (1961–62)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
1471"Back to West Virginny"David AlexanderJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumJuly 27, 1961
1482"Fly Away Home"David AlexanderJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumAugust 3, 1961
1493"September Song"David AlexanderJim Fritzell & Everett GreenbaumAugust 10, 1961
1504"Kate's Competition"David AlexanderIrving Elinson & Fred S. FoxAugust 17, 1961
1515"Lost and Found"David AlexanderPhil Shuken & John L. GreeneAugust 24, 1961
1526"First Love"David AlexanderIrving Elinson & Fred S. FoxAugust 31, 1961
1537"Hassie's European Trip"David AlexanderTeleplay by: Harvey Bullock
Story by: Phil Shuken & John L. Greene
September 7, 1961
1548"How to Win Friends"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenSeptember 14, 1961
1559"The Matador"David AlexanderPhil Shuken & John L. GreeneSeptember 21, 1961
15610"George's Housekeeper"Richard CrennaHarvey BullockSeptember 28, 1961
15711"Excess Baggage"Richard CrennaFred S. Fox & Irving ElinsonOctober 5, 1961
15812"The Trailer Camp"Danny ArnoldHarvey BullockOctober 12, 1961
15913"Luke Leaves Home"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenOctober 19, 1961
16014"The New Piano"David AlexanderDanny SimonOctober 26, 1961
16115"The Handsome Salesman"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenNovember 2, 1961
16216"Honesty is the Best Policy"Sidney MillerIrving Elinson & Fred S. FoxNovember 9, 1961
16317"Cyrano McCoy"Richard CrennaJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenNovember 16, 1961
16418"The Diamond Ring"David AlexanderHarvey BullockNovember 23, 1961
16519"The Berry Crisis"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenNovember 30, 1961
16620"The Rich Boy"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenDecember 7, 1961
16721"The Gamblers"David AlexanderPhil Shuken & John L. GreeneDecember 14, 1961
16822"The Marriage Counselor"David AlexanderFred S. Fox & Irving ElinsonDecember 21, 1961
16923"The Washing Machine"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenJanuary 11, 1962
17024"Pepino McCoy, Citizen"David AlexanderIrving Elinson & Fred S. FoxJanuary 18, 1962
17125"Meeting Hassie's Friends"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenJanuary 25, 1962
17226"The Law and Mr. McCoy"David AlexanderJohn Bradford & Ray BrennerFebruary 1, 1962
17327"George's Nephew"David AlexanderFred S. Fox & Irving ElinsonFebruary 8, 1962
17428"Made in Italy"Richard CrennaJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenFebruary 22, 1962
17529"Who's Margie?"Sidney MillerJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenMarch 1, 1962
17630"You're as Young as You Feel"Sidney MillerHarvey BullockMarch 8, 1962
17731"Double Date"Richard CrennaPaul DavidMarch 15, 1962
17832"In Grampa We Trust"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenMarch 22, 1962
17933"Never a Lender Be"David AlexanderIrving Elinson & Fred S. FoxMarch 29, 1962
18034"Allergies Anonymous"David AlexanderTeleplay by: Danny Arnold
Story by: Sherry Cloth
April 5, 1962
18135"Pepino's Fortune"David AlexanderPhil Shuken & John L. GreeneApril 12, 1962
18236"Pepino's Vacation"Richard CrennaFred S. Fox & Irving ElinsonApril 19, 1962
18337"Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble"David AlexanderHarvey BullockApril 26, 1962
18438"Don't Judge a Book"David AlexanderFred S. Fox & Irving ElinsonMay 3, 1962
18539"The Raffle Ticket"David AlexanderJohn L. Greene & Phil ShukenMay 10, 1962

Season 6 (1962–63)

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
TBA1"Grampa Pygmalion"TBATBASeptember 30, 1962
TBA2"Three Strikes and Out"TBATBAOctober 1962
TBA4TBATBATBAOctober 21, 1962
TBA5TBATBATBAOctober 28, 1962

Broadcast syndication

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For several seasons beginning in 1962, starting with the ABC episodes, the series was broadcast weekday mornings as reruns by CBS with the title The McCoys. It was then syndicated. Its current distributor SFM Entertainment showed the series weekday afternoons broadcast by the former Nashville Network during the late 1990s into 2000. The series is currently shown at 6:00 and 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Mondays through Fridays, on COZI TV. With the morning reruns, the beginning theme was played in instrumental form (these reruns were broadcast opposite NBC game show Concentration).

The series is remembered as The Real McCoys, except for the CBS season and the morning reruns between 1962 and 1966. These latter episodes were used in the DVD releases and omitted the full-length pilot. The ending theme music on the DVDs is from the morning rerun version. The original end theme used the following lyrics: "Livin' as good folks should live, as happy as kids with toys/Week after week you're gonna be showed another human episode of Grandpappy Amos and the girls and the boys of the family known as The Real McCoys." An alternate ending theme used these lyrics: "Sharing each other's sorrows, enjoying each other's joys/week after week you're gonna be showed another human episode of Grandpappy Amos and the girls and the boys of the family known as the Real McCoys!"

Home media

Infinity Entertainment released the first four seasons of The Real McCoys on DVD between 2007 and 2010.

On May 7, 2012, it was announced that Inception Media Group (IMG) had acquired the rights to the series. IMG subsequently re-released the first two seasons on DVD.

On June 4, 2012, IMG announced that it would be releasing a complete series set, featuring all 224 remastered episodes. Release of this set never happened, and the rights to the series' home videos later moved to SFM Entertainment, which released The Real McCoys: The Complete Series on August 29, 2017 in Region 1. This is a manufacture-on-demand (MOD) release, available exclusively from

DVD nameNo. of
Release date
Complete Season 139July 24, 2007
July 24, 2012(re-release)
Complete Season 239October 30, 2007
November 13, 2012(re-release)
Complete Season 339June 17, 2008
August 26, 2014(re-release)
Complete Season 439June 29, 2010
August 26, 2014 (re-release)
Complete Season 529August 26, 2014
Complete Season 639August 26, 2014
The Complete Series224August 29, 2017


SeasonTime slot (ET)RankRating
1957–1958Thursday at 8:30–9:00 p.m.#3026.6 (Tied with The Loretta Young Show and Zorro)
1962–1963Sunday at 9:00–9:30 p.m.N/A