The Limping Man (1953)


The Limping Man (1953)

American Frank Pryor (Lloyd Bridges)) arrives in London to take up an interrupted romance with Pauline French (Moira Lister), whom he hasn't seen in six years. At the airport a man standing alongside Pryor is slain by an unseen sniper, and he is detained by Scotland Yard for questioning. Released, he goes to Pauline's apartment, and learns that she had an intimate association with the slain man and is not interested in talking about it. Scotland Yard also knows this and Pryor and Pauline are kept under surveillance. After complications involving the dead man's wife, it is found that the man Pauline knows isn't dead at all and isn't who he is supposed to be.
IMDb  5.8 /10
Director Cy Endfield
Writer Ian Stuart Black
Writer Reginald Long
Writer Anthony Verney
Release Date1953-12-11
Runtime1h 16mins
GenreCrime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller
Content RatingApproved (Approved)
CompanyBanner Films Ltd.
Franklyn Pryor
Pauline French
Inspector Braddock
Hélène Cordet
Hélène Cordet
Helene Castle
Bruce Beeby
Bruce Beeby
Kendall Brown
Stage Door Keeper (as André Van Gyseghern)
Tom Gill
Tom Gill
Stage Manager
Robert Harbin
Robert Harbin
The Magician
Charles Botterill
Charles Botterill
The Xylophonist (as Charles Bottrill)
Verne Morgan
Verne Morgan
Raymond Rollett
Raymond Rollett
Irissa Cooper
Irissa Cooper
The Maid

The Limping Man (1953 film)

The Limping Man is a 1953 British Film Noir directed by Cy Endfield (as Charles de Lautour) and starring Lloyd Bridges, Moira Lister and Leslie Phillips. The film was based on Anthony Verney's novel Death on the Tideway and was released in the United States by Lippert Pictures.

This film is now in the public domain.


Former soldier Frank Prior arrives in London to visit a wartime girlfriend, whom he hasn't seen in six years. His plane's landing at the airport coincides with a fellow passenger being killed by a sniper.

Scotland Yard inspector Braddock and detective Cameron are assigned to investigate. The dead man, identified as Kendal Brown, is carrying forged documents as well as a photograph that leads them to Pauline French, an actress.

Pauline is the woman Frank has come to see. She also happens to be an expert marksman with a rifle. After they kiss, Pauline tells Frank that she had tried unsuccessfully to notify him to delay his visit.

An autographed picture of another actress, Helene Castle, is found in Kendal Brown's flat. The detectives learn that Helene is the victim's ex-wife. In the meantime, Frank spends a few hours with Pauline on her boat. When they later go to a pub, a limping man seems to menace and unnerve Pauline, who runs away.

Pauline confesses to Frank that she once let Kendal Brown use her boat for a smuggling operation. He began blackmailing her with letters she wrote, which Helene now possesses. At the theatre, the limping man turns out to be George, the stage manager. But to everyone's shock, the late Kendal Brown turns up very much alive. The victim on the plane was a man he'd hired to impersonate him.

After knocking the limping man unconscious, Kendal Brown ends up in a fistfight with Frank in the theatre's balcony. But as these events reach their climax, a huge surprise is revealed, one involving Frank and his fellow passengers from the plane.


  • Lloyd Bridges as Frank Prior
  • Moira Lister as Pauline French
  • Alan Wheatley as Inspector Braddock
  • Leslie Phillips as Detective Cameron
  • Hélène Cordet as Helene Castle
  • Bruce Beeby as Kendal Brown
  • André van Gyseghem as George, stage doorman (Stage Door Keeper)
  • Tom Gill as Stage Manager
  • Lionel Blair as Dancer
  • Robert Harbin as Harper LeStrade, magician
  • Charles Bottrill as Xylophonist
  • Rachel Roberts as the Barmaid
  • Verne Morgan as Stone
  • Raymond Rollett as Jonas
  • Marjory Hume as Landlady
  • Jean Marsh as the Landlady's daughter

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