Circle of Danger (1951)


Circle of Danger (1951)

Clay Douglas an American, comes to Britain, to find out the truth behind his brothers death during a commando operation in occupied France. After tracking down the surviving members of the raid, he confronts the killer, only to be told the truth about what really happened.
IMDb  6.5 /10
Director Jacques Tourneur
Writer Philip MacDonald
Release Date1951-04-17
Runtime1h 26mins
GenreDrama, Mystery, Romance
Content RatingApproved (Approved)
CompanyCoronado Productions
Clay Douglas
Elspeth Graham
Sholto Lewis
Hamish McArran
Reggie Sinclair
Idwal Llewellyn
Marjorie Fielding
Marjorie Fielding
Margaret McArran
Pape Llewellyn
Col. Fairbairn
Bubbles Fitzgerald
Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan
Bert Oakshott
Philip Dale
Philip Dale
Jim Stoner
Archie Duncan
Archie Duncan

Circle of Danger

Circle of Danger is a 1951 British thriller film directed by Jacques Tourneur which stars Ray Milland, Patricia Roc and Naunton Wayne. An American travels to England to discover the truth behind his brother's death during the Second World War. It was based on a novel by Philip MacDonald.


  • Ray Milland as Clay Douglas
  • Patricia Roc as Elspeth Graham
  • Marius Goring as Sholto Lewis
  • Hugh Sinclair as Hamish McArran
  • Naunton Wayne as Reggie Sinclair
  • Edward Rigby as Idwal Llewellyn
  • Marjorie Fielding as Margaret McArran
  • John Bailey as Pape Llewellyn
  • Colin Gordon as Col. Fairbairn
  • Dora Bryan as Bubbles Fitzgerald
  • Reginald Beckwith as Oliver
  • David Hutcheson as Tony Wrexham
  • Michael Brennan as Bert Oakshott

Critical reception

In The New York Times its anonymous reviewer wrote: "British restraint in acting and dialogue is almost painfully evident throughout the proceedings". Although Milland's acting is praised for its "naturalness, a quality which, it might be added, may be due in part to the unadorned and often expert dialogue turned out by Philip MacDonald", the film despite a decent British supporting cast, "is still an unexciting and largely placid adventure". Dennis Schwartz wrote of the film in 2013: "Though routine, the highly skilled Tourneur does his best to keep it lively, watchable and enjoyable."