Shivering Sherlocks (1948)


Shivering Sherlocks (1948)

The stooges witness an armed robbery and are brought in by the cops as suspects. After passing a lie detector test, the boys are freed but are now the only ones who can identify the crooks. Meanwhile, their friend Gladys has inherited a house in the country and the boys go with her to inspect it so she won't be gypped when its sold. The house turns out to be the crook's hideout, and when they abduct Gladys, the stooges must rescue her.
IMDb   7.5 /10
TheMovieDb    7.0 /10
Director Del Lord
Writer Del Lord
Writer Elwood Ullman
Release Date1948-01-07
GenreComedy, Short
Content RatingApproved (Approved)
CompanyColumbia Pictures
Moe Howard
Moe Howard
Moe Howardas Moe Howard
Larry Fine
Larry Fine
Larry Fineas Larry Fine
Shemp Howard
Shemp Howard
Shemp Howardas Shemp Howard
Christine McIntyre
Christine McIntyre
Gladys Harmonas Gladys Harmon
Police Capt. Mullinsas Police Capt. Mullins
Lefty Loomisas Lefty Loomis
Frank Lackteen
Frank Lackteen
Red Watkinsas Red Watkins
Angelas Angel
Stanley Blystone
Stanley Blystone
Cafe Customeras Cafe Customer
Joe Palma
Joe Palma
Lie-detector Technicianas Lie-detector Technician
Police Officer Jacksonas Police Officer Jackson
Blackie Whiteford
Blackie Whiteford
Patrolmanas Patrolman

Shivering Sherlocks

Shivering Sherlocks is a 1948 short subject directed by Del Lord starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Shemp Howard). It is the 104th entry in the series released by Columbia Pictures starring the comedians, who released 190 shorts for the studio between 1934 and 1959.


The Stooges are mistaken for three armored car thieves. Captain Mullins (Vernon Dent) gives the boys a lie detector test, but finds no reason to hold them. He releases them, under protective custody, to Gladys Harmon (Christine McIntyre), owner of the Elite Café, who gives them an alibi. They try to return the favor by working at the Café, but have trouble with this.

When Gladys is informed that she has inherited some money and a spooky old mansion, the Stooges escort her to check out the property, where the real armored car bandits and their hideous hatchet man, Angel (Duke York), are hiding. While the Stooges are distracted due to Larry getting something to open the door and Shemp talking to Moe, Gladys is overpowered and kidnapped. The Stooges go in to search for her. Gladys meanwhile has been tied up and gagged in a back storeroom. Angel enters the room and seems about to attack her, but hears the Stooges and goes after them. The Stooges encounter him and he chases them through the house, but Shemp is able to trap all three criminals in barrels and they are arrested. Gladys has meanwhile freed herself and watches this happily. Meanwhile, Shemp accidentally drops a barrel of flour on Larry and Moe.



  • Moe Howard as Moe
  • Larry Fine as Larry
  • Shemp Howard as Shemp
  • Christine McIntyre as Gladys Harmon
  • Vernon Dent as Captain Mullins
  • Kenneth MacDonald as Lefty Loomis
  • Frank Lackteen as Red Watkins
  • Duke York as Angel


  • Cy Schindell as Officer Jackson
  • Blackie Whiteford as second policeman
  • Stanley Blystone as Elite Café customer
  • Joe Palma as lie detector technician

Production notes

Shivering Sherlocks was remade in 1955 as Of Cash and Hash, using ample stock footage.

This was the final Stooge film directed by long-time Stooge director Del Lord, as well as the only Stooge short he directed with Shemp Howard as a member of the team.

This entry features a recurring gag of "Man v. Soup," wherein one of the Stooges is about to eat a soup that, at first unbeknownst to them, contains a live bivalve that continually eats the crackers the Stooge drops in it, and a battle between the two parties ensues. In 1941's Dutiful But Dumb, Curly tries to defeat a stubborn oyster; in Shivering Sherlocks, Moe is having problems with clam chowder. Larry would recreate the routine in 1954's Income Tax Sappy.