Mad About Opera (1948)


Mad About Opera (1948)
Follie per l'opera (original title)

There has been no more catholic church in the Italian district of London since the one existing was bombed during the Blitz. Guido Marchi, a journalist wishing it to be restored, decides to organize a show in which great names of the Italian opera will appear, deceitfully using Carlo Scala's restaurant as collateral to get the loan so as to organize the show. Despite formidable, self-interested opposition he will finally realize his goal. Moreover, he will manage to marry the one he loves.
IMDb   5.9 /10
TheMovieDb    7.0 /10
Director Mario Costa
Writer Mario Costa
Writer Mario Monicelli
Writer Giovanna Soria
Writer Steno
Release Date1948-08-10
Runtime1h 35mins
GenreComedy, Musical
Content Rating
CompanyG.E.S.I. Cinematografica, Scalera Film
Gino Bechi
Gino Bechi
Maria Caniglia
Maria Caniglia
Tito Gobbi
Tito Gobbi
Dora Scala - la fidanzata di Guido
Carlo Scala - il zio di Dora
Guido Marchi
Don Antonio Capenno
Il direttore del Covent Garden
Nico Pepe
Nico Pepe
L'amico scrocone di Scala
Michele Riccardini
Michele Riccardini
L'altro amico scrocone di Scala
Il 'nuovo' cameriere

Mad About Opera

Mad About Opera (Italian: Follie per l'opera) is a 1948 Italian musical comedy film directed by Mario Costa and starring Gino Bechi, Gina Lollobrigida, and Carlo Campanini.

It was shot at the Scalera Studios in Rome. The film's sets were designed by the art director Piero Filippone. Footage from the film was late re-incorporated in the 1950 British film Soho Conspiracy.


In order to raise funds to rebuild a Catholic church in Covent Garden which had been destroyed in The Blitz, a journalist organises a benefit performance with major opera stars appearing.


  • Gino Bechi as Gino
  • Gina Lollobrigida as Dora Scala
  • Carlo Campanini as Carlo Scala
  • Constance Dowling as Margaret Jones
  • Aroldo Tieri as Guido Marchi
  • Aldo Silvani as Don Antonio Capenna
  • Lamberto Picasso as McLean
  • Franca Marzi as Carmen
  • Guglielmo Barnabò as Covent Garden Director
  • Nico Pepe as Carlo Scala's Friend
  • Michele Riccardini as Carlo Scala's Friend
  • Luigi Almirante as Notary
  • Arturo Bragaglia as Waiter
  • Franco Pesce as Gennarino
  • Enrico Luzi as Opera Fanatic
  • Achille Majeroni as Mr. Brown
  • Franco Mannino as The Pianist
  • Beniamino Gigli as Himself
  • Maria Caniglia as Herself
  • Tito Schipa as Himself
  • Tito Gobbi as Himself