Big City (1948)


Big City (1948)

An abandoned baby is raised by three men: the Rev. Andrews, cantor Feldman, and Officer O'Donnell. When Feldman and O'Donnell each find a woman to fall in love with, they both think of getting married and settling down. And each wants to adopt Midge officially and raise her without the other "fathers". And Midge has to find some way for them to all become a family again.
IMDb  6.5 /10
Director Norman Taurog
Writer Anne Morrison Chapin
Writer Whitfield Cook
Writer Aben Kandel
Writer Nanette Kutner
Writer Miklós László
Release Date1948-03-25
Runtime1h 43mins
Content Rating
CompanyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Rev. Philip Y. Andrews
Cantor David Irwin Feldman
Patrick O'Donnell
Florence Bartlett
Judge Martin O. Abercrombie
Louis Keller (as Butch Jenkins)
Shoo Shoo Grady
Lotte Lehmann
Lotte Lehmann
Mama Feldman
Martha - the Judge's Maid
Page Cavanaugh
Page Cavanaugh
Trio Leader (as Page Cavanaugh Trio)

Big City (1948 film)

Big City is a 1948 film.


An abandoned infant is discovered in New York City by a cantor, David Feldman, and a minister, Rev. Phillip Andrews, who consult police officer Pat O'Donnell about what to do. Taking in the baby girl and naming her Midge, the three unmarried men seek legal custody in the courtroom of Judge Martin O. Abercrombie, who is agreeable on one condition—the first man to marry will become sole legal guardian of the girl.

At school after she's a few years older, Midge is teased by others for her unusual family situation. Even her teacher, Florence Barrett, does not approve of a child being raised without a mother. To alleviate her concerns, the men invite Florence to an evening at their home, where even Midge becomes happier about the way she is being brought up.

David falls in love with Florence and hopes to propose marriage. Pat, who has been seeing the extroverted singer "Shoo Shoo" Grady, elopes with her. The two clergymen are unsure that Shoo Shoo would be a proper parent for their child. It is left up to the judge, who gives careful consideration to everyone's concerns, then solves the problem by withdrawing his condition about marriage, permitting all three men to share fatherly responsibilities to Midge equally.


  • Margaret O'Brien as Midge
  • Robert Preston as Rev. Andrews
  • Danny Thomas as Cantor Feldman
  • George Murphy as Pat O'Donnell
  • Karin Booth as Florence Bartlett
  • Edward Arnold as Judge Abercrombie
  • Butch Jenkins as Lewis Keller
  • Betty Garrett as "Shoo Shoo" Grady
  • Lotte Lehmann as Mama Feldman


According to MGM records the movie was not a hit, earning $910,000 in the US and Canada and $489,000 elsewhere, making a loss to the studio of $850,000.