Desire Me (1947)


Desire Me (1947)

Shortly after WWII, flashbacks tell the story of Marise, her husband Paul, and Jean, who was imprisoned with Paul in a German camp. While attempting to escape from the camp Paul is shot, and Jean goes to see Marise, confirming the news she had gotten already about Paul's death. Jean has fallen in love with Marise through the stories Paul told him, and wants to stay with her in the seaside town in Brittany where Paul owned a small business.
IMDb   6.1 /10
TheMovieDb    7.0 /10
FilmAffinity   6.0 /10
Director Jack Conway
Director George Cukor
Director Mervyn LeRoy
Writer Leonhard Frank
Writer Zoe Akins
Writer Marguerite Roberts
Release Date1947-10-30
Runtime1h 31min
GenreDrama, Romance, War
Content RatingApproved (Approved)
CompanyMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Marise Aubertas Marise Aubert
Paul Aubertas Paul Aubert
Jean Renaudas Jean Renaud
Morris Ankrum
Morris Ankrum
Hector Martinas Hector Martin
Father Donnardas Father Donnard
Cecil Humphreys
Cecil Humphreys
Dr. Andre Leclairas Dr. Andre Leclair
Alex (the postman)as Alex (the postman)
Mrs.Lannieas Mrs.Lannie
Salesmanas Salesman
Josephas Joseph
Emile (fishing boat captain)as Emile (fishing boat captain)
Sam Ash
Sam Ash
Master of Ceremoniesas Master of Ceremonies
Frederic Brunn
Frederic Brunn
German voiceas German voice
Tony Carson
Tony Carson
Youthas Youth
Sidney D'Albrook
Sidney D'Albrook
Assistantas Assistant
Fernanda Eliscu
Fernanda Eliscu
Old Womanas Old Woman
Slim Gaut
Slim Gaut
Townsmanas Townsman
John Maxwell Hayes
John Maxwell Hayes
Church Officialas Church Official

Desire Me

Desire Me is a 1947 American drama film starring Robert Mitchum and Greer Garson. It had a troubled production that included numerous directors and rewrites, and was ultimately released without a credited director.


Marise Aubert is in the Paris office of Dr Leclair, discussing her medical condition. The Doctor explains that there is nothing physically wrong with her and that her pain is from her internal struggles.

The movie flashes back to events of the past two weeks. Soldier Jean Renaud arrives suddenly at Aubert's cottage, where he meets Marise. He explains that he was in a Nazi reprisal camp with her husband Paul, who told him everything about her. He tells her that he saw Paul get shot and that he is dead. She tells him to leave but relents as the evening is stormy and allows him to stay.

Marise is shocked to discover that Jean knows practically everything about her. Paul had confided in his friend many times in the camp. Jean has fallen in love with her from these stories, but when he makes romantic advances, Marise orders him to leave but changes her mind because she is so lonely and Jean is from Paul's life. They spend some happy times, fishing, and being together.

A letter from Paul arrives but Jean intercepts it before Marise can see it. Paul is not dead. The letter explains that he is about to be released from a hospital so he can return to her. Jean nearly leaves after he realizes that Paul is alive but stays. Marise agrees to sell Paul's business and leave with Jean, but Paul returns before they leave. Marise learns of Paul's return and rushes home. Jean learns of Paul's return and retrieves an old gun he found in the office of Paul's business and heads to the cottage to confront Paul.

Marise is ecstatic to have him back, but confesses her relationship with Jean. Paul confronts his friend over the betrayal and Jean pulls a gun on him. They struggle, and Jean is killed in a fall from a cliff.

Marise hears the words of the doctor, telling her to return home. Marise leaves the office of the doctor and returns to the cottage where Paul awaits her and they reunite happily.


  • Greer Garson as Marise
  • Robert Mitchum as Paul
  • Richard Hart as Jean
  • Cecil Humphreys as Dr. Leclair
  • George Zucco as Father Donnard


Garson injured her back while filming Desire Me in Monterey on 26 April 1946 when a wave knocked her and co-star Richard Hart from the rocks where they were rehearsing. A local fisherman and extra in the film rescued Garson from the surf and potential undertow. She was bruised and in shock and required by doctors to rest for several days. The injury to her back would require several surgeries over the coming years.


The film earned $1,451,000 in the US & Canada, and earned $1,125,000 elsewhere, but, because of its high production cost, producers suffered a net loss of $2,440,000.