Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (1942)


Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood (1942)

Boston Blackie and his pal, The Runt, are ready to board a train for Florida when Blackie gets a telegram from his friend Arthur Manleder asking Blackie to go to Manleder's New York apartment, get $60,000 from a wall safe and fly to Hollywood. Blackie has just removed the money when Police Inspector Farraday and his assistant, Sergeant Matthews arrive and accuse him of robbery. They let him escape so they can follow as they think he knows something about the stolen Monterey Diamond. Blackie arrives in Hollywood and learns that Manleder has fallen for Gloria Lane, in cahoots with a gang of crooks, and had been holding the missing diamond in trust for the owner. Gloria had asked Arthur to let her wear the diamond and it was stolen. Two gangsters had appeared at the apartment and offered to recover the diamond for $60,000, which had prompted the telegram to Blackie. The two crooks also steal the money from The Runt. Blackie's plan to catch the crooks and recover the money and the diamond...
IMDb   6.3 /10
TheMovieDb    4.5 /10
Director Michael Gordon
Writer Paul Yawitz
Writer Jack Boyle
Release Date1942-11-05
Runtime1h 8mins
GenreComedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery
Content RatingPassed (Passed)
CompanyColumbia Pictures
Chester Morris
Chester Morris
Boston Blackie
Lloyd Corrigan
Lloyd Corrigan
Arthur Manleder
Richard Lane
Richard Lane
Inspector Farraday

Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood

Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood is a 1942 American crime film, fourth of the fourteen Boston Blackie films of the 1940s Columbia's series of B pictures based on Jack Boyle's pulp-fiction character.

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Boston Blackie (Chester Morris) and his sidekick The Runt (George E. Stone) are called, first to a Manhattan apartment where there's $60,000 waiting in a safe, then to Hollywood, by Boston's old friend Arthur Manleder (Lloyd Corrigan) to bail him out of gangster trouble. Naturally the police are suspicious and trail him every step of the way.


  • Chester Morris as Boston Blackie
  • William Wright as Slick Barton
  • Constance Worth as Gloria Lane
  • Lloyd Corrigan as Arthur Manleder
  • Richard Lane as Inspector John Farraday
  • George E. Stone as The Runt
  • Forrest Tucker as Whipper
  • unbilled players include Lloyd Bridges, Ralph Dunn, Cy Kendall, Cyril Ring and Virginia Sale