The World Changes (1933)


The World Changes (1933)

A three-generations saga over many decades in which Orin Nordholm Jr. (Paul Muni), an ambitious Dakota farm boy of immigrant parents moves to Chicago and into the meat-packing business where he makes a fortune by inventing the refrigerated-railway-freight car or ice-boxes-on-wheels but is unhappy in his marriage to Virginia Claffin (Mary Astor), a snobbish socialite who is willing to accept his money but not his method of making it.
IMDb  6.7 /10
Director Mervyn LeRoy
Writer Edward Chodorov
Writer Sheridan Gibney
Release Date1933-11-25
Runtime1h 31mins
GenreDrama, Romance
Content RatingPassed (Passed)
CompanyFirst National Pictures
Orin Nordholm Jr.
Anna Nordholm
Virginia 'Ginny' Clafflin Nordholm
Richard Nordholm
Selma Peterson II / Her Grandaughter Selma II
James Clafflin
Natalie Clinton Nordholm
Paul Nordholm
Jennifer Clinton Nordholm
John Nordholm
Ogden Jarrett
Orin Nordholm Sr.
Mrs. Peterson
Orin Nordholm III

The World Changes

The World Changes is a 1933 American pre-Code drama film directed by Mervyn LeRoy and starring Paul Muni as an ambitious farm boy who becomes rich, but does not handle success well. Aline MacMahon and Mary Astor play his mother and wife respectively.

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  • Paul Muni as Orin Nordholm Jr.
  • Aline MacMahon as Anna Nordholm
  • Mary Astor as Virginia Clafflin Nordholm
  • Donald Cook as Richard Nordholm
  • Jean Muir as Selma Peterson II
  • Mickey Rooney as Otto Peterson as a Child
  • Guy Kibbee as James Clafflin
  • Patricia Ellis as Natalie Clinton Nordholm
  • Theodore Newton as Paul Nordholm
  • Margaret Lindsay as Jennifer Clinton Nordholm
  • Gordon Westcott as John Nordholm
  • Alan Dinehart as Ogden Jarrett
  • William Janney as Orin Nordholm III
  • Charles Middleton as Wild Bill Hickok
  • George Chandler as Piano Player
  • Henry O'Neill as Orin Nordholm

Box Office

According to Warner Bros records the film earned $376,000 domestically and $305,000 internationally.