Detective Lloyd (1932)


Detective Lloyd (1932)

Lord Randall Hale possesses a sacred amulet that once adorned the royal arm of the boy-pharaoh Tutankhamen. Back in Egypt, the zealous and ruthless priests of the Temple of Amenhotep II want it back and priests Abdul, Salam and Fouji came to England to get it. Meanwhile, an international gang of crooks, led by Giles Wade, aka The Panther, also want to take the royal-jewel from Lord Hale of Deep-Dene Manor, and many varied types began to frequent the area around and about Deep-Dene Manor, including a ghost. Hale's niece from Canada, Diana Brooks, also pops in, as does his worthless cad of a nephew, Chester Dunn. So does Chief Inspector Jack Lloyd of the C.I.D. The game is on.
IMDb  3.4 /10
Director Henry MacRae
Director Ray Taylor
Writer Ray Taylor
Writer Ella O'Neill
Release Date1932-01-04
Runtime3h 36mins
GenreAction, Adventure, Crime, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Content RatingPassed (Passed)
CompanyUniversal Pictures
CountryUK, USA
Jack Lloyd
Jack Lloyd
Chief Inspector Lloyd of the C.I.D.
Giles Wade - the Panther
Lewis Dayton
Lewis Dayton
Randall Hale - of Deep-Dene Manor
Janice Adair
Janice Adair
Diana Brooks - Hale's Niece
Tracy Holmes
Tracy Holmes
Chester Dunn - Hale's Nephew
The Manor Ghost
Humberston Wright
Humberston Wright
Abdul - and Egyptian
Earle Stanley
Earle Stanley
Salam - an Egyptian
Cecil Musk
Cecil Musk
Fouji - an Egyptian
Barclay - Scotland Yard Superindendant
Clifford Buckton
Clifford Buckton
Police Sergeant Sherwood
Scotland Yard Inspector Walters

Detective Lloyd

Detective Lloyd (1932) is a 12-chapter Universal movie serial. A co-production between the American company Universal and the British company General Films, it was filmed entirely in Britain with British and Commonwealth actors. It was the only sound serial ever produced in the UK. Although a print was shown on British and Swedish TV as recently as the 1970s, the film is now considered lost.

It was also known by the titles Lloyd of the C.I.D. and In the Hands of the Hinfu. Detective Lloyd battled a villain known as the Panther in this serial. Material from the serial was edited into a feature film version called The Green Spot Mystery (1932), which is also a lost film. Detective Lloyd is on the British Film Institute's BFI 75 Most Wanted list of lost films.

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