The Heart of New York (1932)


The Heart of New York (1932)

In the Jewish enclave of New York's lower East Side, hapless inventor Mendel is constantly in debt since he uses all his (and other people's) money to tinker with machines that will make him rich. He finally does create a dish washing machine and becomes involved with his match-making, rent-collecting brother-in-law Bernard and Bernard's partner to market the machine. Success leads to strife in the family and Mendel's wife Zelda moves 'uptown' with her new found wealth while Mendel builds a luxurious townhouse in the East Side. Complications with finances lead to a reconciliation between Zelda and Mendel and cumuppence for the wheelers and dealers involved.
IMDb  6.0 /10
Director Mervyn LeRoy
Writer David Freedman
Writer Arthur Caesar
Writer Houston Branch
Release Date1932-03-26
Runtime1h 13mins
Content RatingPassed (Passed)
CompanyWarner Bros.
LanguageEnglish, Yiddish
Joe Smith
Joe Smith
Sam Shtrudel
Charles Dale
Charles Dale
Bernard Schnaps
Mendel Marantz
Lillian Marantz
Bessie - the Neighbor
Mrs. Zelde Marantz
Otto Gassenheim
Jakie Marantz (as Harold Waldrige)
Mimi Marantz
Mrs. Nussbaum
Mendel's Butler

The Heart of New York (film)

The Heart of New York is a 1932 American pre-Code comedy film starring the vaudeville team of Smith & Dale and George Sidney. It was directed by Mervyn LeRoy and based on the Broadway play Mendel, Inc. by David Freedman.


The plumber Mendel Marantz, a passionate inventor, hasn't much luck and a family that doesn't understand him. He finally strikes it rich with a dishwashing machine he invented. He finds an investor, Gassenheim, and begins to make his way up in the world. But Mendel's troubles are not over; his family doesn't share his dream to become the landlord of the house where they live on New York's Lower East Side. They prefer to move uptown to Park Avenue and adapt to how rich people live. Mendel's ideas for the house are not forgotten. The men he once told how he wished to transform the building take on the work of renovating it, with every detail he planned. Neighbours and visitors come to see the house and the new, beautiful penthouse. His wife and his children are still in Park Avenue and when Gassenheim stops paying royalties to Mrs. Marantz, she and the children come home, to find that Mendel is close to losing everything.


  • Joe Smith as Sam Shtrudel
  • Charles Dale as Bernard Schnaps
  • George Sidney as Mendel Marantz
  • Ruth Hall as Lillian Marantz
  • Aline MacMahon as Bessie, the Neighbor
  • Anna Appel as Mrs. Zelde Marantz
  • Donald Cook as Milton
  • Oscar Apfel as Otto Gassenheim
  • Harold Waldridge as Jakie Marantz (as Harold Waldrige)
  • Marion Byron as Mimi Marantz
  • George MacFarlane as Mr. Marshall
  • Ann Brody as Mrs. Nussbaum
  • Charles Coleman as Mendel's Butler

Box office

According to Warner Bros. records, the film earned $198,000 in the U.S. and $42,000 elsewhere.