Morals (1921)


Morals (1921)

Carlotta, raised in a Turkish harem and threatened with marriage to a man she does not love, escapes to London with an English adventurer. When he is killed, she is left destitute and attaches herself to Sir Marcus Ordeyne and begs his protection. He takes her home out of pity, and her charm and innocence cause him to fall in love with her. When he plans to marry her, Judith Mainwaring, who looks upon Carlotta as a rival, tells her he merely pities her and is marrying her to avoid a scandal. Carlotta runs away with Pasquale, a friend of Sir Marcus, though she loves her guardian. Later, Mrs. Mainwaring meets Carlotta in Paris and tells the girl the truth--that Sir Marcus is searching for her. Realizing his love for her, Carlotta is reunited with her benefactor.
IMDb   5.9 /10
Director William Desmond Taylor
Writer Julia Crawford Ivers
Writer William J. Locke
Release Date
Content Rating
CompanyRealart Pictures Corporation
Carlottaas Carlotta
Sir Marcus Ordeyneas Sir Marcus Ordeyne
Marian Skinner
Marian Skinner
Mrs. McMurrayas Mrs. McMurray
Starke Patteson
Starke Patteson
Harryas Harry
W.E. Lawrence
W.E. Lawrence
Sebastian Pasqualeas Sebastian Pasquale
Kathlyn Williams
Kathlyn Williams
Judith Mainwaringas Judith Mainwaring
Bridgetta Clark
Bridgetta Clark
Antoinetteas Antoinette
Sidney Bracey
Sidney Bracey
Stinsonas Stinson

Morals (film)

Morals is a 1921 American silent drama film directed by William Desmond Taylor and starring May McAvoy, William P. Carleton, and Marian Skinner. It is based on a 1905 novel, The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke, which was produced as a 1907 Broadway play starring Marie Doro who later made her screen debut in a 1915 film version.

A British talking version of Locke's story was made in 1935 as The Morals of Marcus.


A woman escapes the Turkish harem in which she has been brought up and flees to London in the company of a British adventurer.


  • May McAvoy as Carlotta
  • William P. Carleton as Sir Marcus Ordeyne
  • W.E. Lawrence as Sebastian Pasquale
  • Marian Skinner as Mrs McMurray
  • Nick De Ruiz as Hamdi
  • Starke Patteson as Harry
  • Kathlyn Williams as Judith Mainwaring
  • Bridgetta Clark as Antoinette
  • Sidney Bracey as Stinson

Preservation status

This film is preserved in the collection of the Library of Congress.