Siren of Corsica (1915)


Siren of Corsica (1915)

Carola de Lisle, a wealthy Corsican woman, with all the fierceness of her race, has been for two seasons the reigning sensation of Nice. Her recklessness at the gambling tables causes her to become known as "Belle Corsicaine." John Selden, a wealthy American, who is on a business trip to Europe arrives in company with a friend Philip Shaw. Carola tries hard to capture Selden with her wiles and although deeply in love with his wife at home he is not averse to a little flirtation with the beautiful Corsican. She makes him her guest in her apartments, and his name is many times mingled with hers when they are seen together in the automobile parades of the afternoons. But the American does not suspect that he has a bitter enemy, supposedly his friend in the person of Joseph Morse, once an unsuccessful suitor for the hand of his wife, and his escapades with the Corsican are treasured as being seeds for the sowing of discord on his return to America. On one occasion Morse makes a snap shot ...
IMDb   N/A
Director Joseph W. Smiley
Writer Clay M. Greene
Release Date1915-03-10
GenreShort, Drama
Content Rating
CompanyLubin Manufacturing Company
LanguageNone, English