Perils of the Jungle (1915)


Perils of the Jungle (1915)

Matt Dalton, a civil engineer, and his assistant, George Leighton, engage in Government survey work in Africa. Mrs. Dalton and her beautiful sister, Annette, accompany them. Leighton fears the home in the African jungle will not be sufficient protection against wild beasts and hostile savages and he installs a switchboard in the tree-house. A circle of dynamite mines are planted at vantage points encircling the abode, and they are connected by wires to the switchboard. George and Annette love each other and plight their troth. While at survey work, a leopard springs on George, who has a narrow escape from death. Rose Dalton, alone in the tree-house, is attacked by natives. The chief covets the white woman and climbs the ladder before Rose can remove it. She is afraid to touch the switchboard. Annette, a hundred yards away, clambers into a tree, and with a shot from her trusty rifle she fells the native chief, who stands over the unconscious Rose. Then with keen aim, the bullets from ...
Director E.A. Martin
Release Date1915-03-27
GenreShort, Drama
Content Rating
CompanySelig Polyscope Company
LanguageNone, English
Dalton - Civil Engineer
Marion Warner
Marion Warner
Mrs. Dalton
George Leighton
Annette - Mrs. Dalton's Sister