The Little Woolen Shoe (1912)


The Little Woolen Shoe (1912)

The first scene shows us a little family brought to the verge of despair by the drunkenness of the father. When he has gone the wife resolves that their child shall not suffer from his habit, and wrapping the baby up, takes it out. One of its little worsted socks drops unnoticed to the floor. Passing along a street she picks out a house that looks attractive and lays the baby upon the steps. An automobile turns the corner and she runs away. The youth in the automobile sees her, picks up the baby and takes it to his home, where it is received by his mother as a new member of their little family. Years pass and the child's father has become a prosperous businessman. One day his automobile breaks down near a pretty suburban residence and the young man of the previous scene, passing in his pony cart, invites the man and his wife to drive up to the house while the automobile is being repaired. A children's party is in progress and "Hunt the Slipper" is the game. And the baby, now grown, ...
Director Bannister Merwin
Writer Bannister Merwin
Release Date1912-04-23
GenreShort, Drama
Content Rating
CompanyEdison Company
LanguageNone, English
Burton Prentice - the Husband
Nellie Prentice - the Wife
The Little Prentice Girl
A Young Man of Means
The Young Man's Mother (as Mrs. Wallace Erskine)
Elizabeth Miller
Elizabeth Miller
The Mother's Companion
One of the Children