The Convict's Parole (1912)


The Convict's Parole (1912)

The governor of one of the western states, has inaugurated a new system for handling the convicts. Instead of leasing them on contract to private corporations for private gain, he proposes to release them on parole and give them employment in all cases where they show possibilities of reform. The warden of the penitentiary has a business interest in the old system and with his colleague decides to make an attempt to discredit the governor's plan. Our interest centers next in three convicts, two men and a woman, who have been released and given employment at a theater. The two men are friends and one of them is in love with the girl. The warden sends an emissary to tempt the younger with the promise of a big haul in a well-planned burglary. A meeting place is appointed in a room back of a saloon. Having gotten the younger man there with some other criminals, the stool-pigeon produces a set of burglar tools. Meanwhile his friend has followed and the girl has gone to the governor with ...
Director Edwin S. Porter
Writer Bannister Merwin
Writer Melvin G. Winstock
Release Date1912-05-17
GenreDrama, Short
Content Rating
CompanyEdison Company
The Governor of the State
The Prison Warden
A Contractor of Prison Labor
The Warden's Stool Pigeon
Maud - a Paroled Convict
George Clayton - a Paroled Convict
A Paroled Convict