The Tomboy (1911)


The Tomboy (1911)

A wealthy miner, having no near relatives, leaves his two little daughters to the guardianship of a former chum of his, who had left the west with a fortune and returned to his old home in an eastern city. The guardian is rather overwhelmed by his responsibilities, but induces his old aunt to come and keep house for him, and prepares to give his charges a hearty welcome. The guardian is a young man, and is surprised to find that one of his wards is of marriageable age, beautiful and vivacious. He promptly proceeds to lose his heart to her, and while she admires him immensely the girl is finally thoroughly impressed with the idea that her guardian would gladly be rid of her. This feeling is intensified when she attends a reception and her awkwardness is made more manifest. She decides that she is out of place in her new surroundings, and runs away after writing a pitiful note to her guardian. She takes her horse with her and has some wild, undefined plan of making her way out west ...
Release Date1911-12-19
GenreDrama, Short
Content Rating
CompanyThanhouser Film Corporation
LanguageNone, English
The Guardian
The Tomboy's Little Sister (as The Thanhouser Kid)