The Helping Hand (1908)


The Helping Hand (1908)

IMDb  6.0 /10
Director D.W. Griffith
Writer D.W. Griffith
Release Date1908-12-29
GenreShort, Drama
Content Rating
CompanyAmerican Mutoscope & Biograph
LanguageNone, English
Flora Finch
Flora Finch
Mrs. Harcourt
Daisy Harcourt
Anita Hendrie
Anita Hendrie
Jessie Marshall
Harry Solter
Harry Solter
Bill Wolfe
Charles Avery
Charles Avery
At Brothel
George Gebhardt
George Gebhardt
The Man with the Letter / At Brothel / Wedding Guest
Robert Harron
Robert Harron
At Brothel / Wedding Guest
Wedding Guest
Man in Office / Wedding Guest
At Brothel / Wedding Guest

The Helping Hand (film)

The Helping Hand is a 1908 American silent short drama film directed by D. W. Griffith.


  • Flora Finch as Mrs. Harcourt
  • Linda Arvidson as Daisy Harcourt
  • George Gebhardt as The Man with the Letter / Wedding Guest
  • Anita Hendrie as Jessie Marshall
  • E. T. Moore
  • David Miles
  • Charles Inslee
  • Florence Lawrence as Wedding Guest
  • Mack Sennett as Wedding Guest
  • Charles Avery as Man at Brothel
  • Robert Harron as Messenger
  • Arthur V. Johnson as Mr. Miller
  • Marion Leonard as Wedding Guest
  • Herbert Miles
  • Tom Moore as Man in Office / Wedding Guest
  • Harry Solter as Bill Wolfe
  • Dorothy Sunshine