Han Chiang



Han Chiang was born in Shandong, China. He is an actor, known for The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978), An qu (1983) and Arrête le massacre, Shing Gien (1973).
6' (1.83 m)

Known For

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Senior monk (1978)
An qu
An qu
Actor (1983)
Arrête le massacre, Shing Gien
Arrête le massacre, Shing Gien
Actor (1973)
Clans of Intrigue
Clans of Intrigue
Actor (1977)


ActorPursuit of a Killer
Ho Ming
ActorZui hou yi kou qi1985
ActorJungle Heat1985
ActorThe Master Strikes Back1985
ActorLei tai1983
ActorYi chu jing hun1983
ActorDoigts agiles1983
ActorAn qu1983
ActorShaolin contre Wu Tong
Master Liu
ActorPortrait in Crystal1983
ActorOde to Gallantry1982
ActorMy Rebellious Son1982
ActorGodfather of Canton1982
ActorThe Emperor and the Minister1982
ActorKid from Kwang Tung1982
ActorPassing Flickers1982
ActorBong ju1982
ActorRolls, Rolls, I Love You1982
ActorWhat Price Honesty?1981
ActorMobfix Patrol1981
ActorBloody Parrot
Kuo Kan
ActorNotorious Eight1981
ActorShu jian en chou lu
(as Wei Lo)
ActorThe Treasure Hunters1981
ActorGambler's Delight1981
ActorThe Sword Stained with Royal Blood1981
ActorThe Tiger and the Widow1981
ActorReturn of the Sentimental Swordsman1981
ActorKung Fu of 8 Drunkards1980
ActorThe Boxer from the Temple1980
ActorTen Tigers of Kwangtung1980
ActorLost Souls1980
ActorThe Rebel Intruders1980
ActorHeroes Shed No Tears1980
ActorSwift Sword1980
ActorCoward Bastard1980
ActorKiller Constable1980
ActorEmperor Chien Lung and the Beauty1980
ActorGriffes d'acier contre léopard noir1980
ActorKung Fu on Sale1979
ActorMa fung gwai kuen
Meng's man
ActorFive Superfighters1979
ActorGui gan guo yin1979
ActorDirty Ho1979
ActorA Slice of Death1979
ActorLe professeur de kung fu1979
ActorStroke of Death1979
ActorThe Brothers1979
ActorLegend of Heavenly Mother Ma-Tsu1979
ActorThe Deadly Breaking Sword1979
ActorWang Yu défie le maître du karaté
Tavern boss
ActorJun fa qu shi1979
ActorYin shou1978
ActorHeaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 21978
ActorHeaven Sword and Dragon Sabre1978
ActorLegend of the Bat1978
ActorThe Brave Archer II1978
ActorSoul of the Sword
Royal guard
ActorThe Vengeful Beauty
Captured Guillotine squad member captured by Han
ActorThe 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Senior monk
ActorPalace Carnage1978
ActorPursuit of Vengeance1977
ActorLe caïd de Chinatown1977
ActorThe Battle Wizard
Sze-Kung Hsuan
ActorJiang hu han zi1977
ActorClans of Intrigue1977
ActorArson: The Criminals, Part III1977
ActorLady Exterminator1977
ActorDu wang da pian ju
Peng bodyguard 1
ActorThe Web of Death1976
ActorBig Bad Sis1976
ActorThe Girlie Bar1976
ActorThe Oily Maniac1976
ActorHomicides: The Criminals Part II
Hsiao Pi San (Pt. 2)
ActorJiang hu zi di1976
ActorSuper Rider Against the Devils1976
ActorEmperor Chien Lung1976
ActorSi qiu1976
ActorDing Yi Shan1976
ActorThe Criminals
Wang's Indonesian accomplice (Part 1), Chin (Part 3)
ActorLove Story of Pian Pian1975
ActorQi mian ren1975
ActorCuties Parade1975
ActorLe boxeur spirituel
Liu Yung
ActorDa cu xian1975
ActorCleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold1975
ActorFei che long hu dou1975
ActorDa feng bo1974
Korean Boxer (as Chiang Han)
ActorThe Rat Catcher
Ah Hsiang
ActorWu da han
Japan consulate official
ActorThe Bod Squad
Chao's guard
ActorFists of Shaolin1974
ActorHuang Fei Hong yi qu Ding Cai Pao1974
ActorYan nu huan hun1974
ActorCrazy Nuts of Kung Fu
(as Yin Hsiang-yung)
ActorLa Vengeance de Lee1974
ActorArrête le massacre, Shing Gien1973
ActorThe Devil's Treasure1973
ActorE bao1972
ActorDong fang qi tan1972
ActorHei chi hei1972
ActorNu du bei dao1972
ActorLa révolte du karatéka1971