Limetown (TV Series 2019)

Season 1

1I Have Heard the FutureI Have Heard the Future (16 Oct. 2019)
Investigative journalist and true crime podcaster, Lia Haddock, obsessively investigates the mysterious disappearance of the entire population of a small secretive community known as Limetown almost two decades before.
2RedactedRedacted (16 Oct. 2019)
Lia meets with "Winona", a Limetown survivor who has trouble retaining memories, but who may be able to give Lia the next piece in the puzzle.
3RakeRake (23 Oct. 2019)
Lia and her investigative partner Mark travel to Rake, Wyoming in search of more answers and possible surviving witnesses.
4NapoleonNapoleon (23 Oct. 2019)
Lia learns about why a mass grave filled with dead pigs was found near Limetown.
5SignalsSignals (30 Oct. 2019)
Lia searches for the creator of Limetown.
6A Simple LifeA Simple Life (30 Oct. 2019)
Lia finds a neuroscientist who knows what the true purpose of Limetown was.
7Acceptable LossAcceptable Loss (6 Nov. 2019)
Lia learns that investigating the mystery of Limetown any further could have grave consequences for those she cares for.
8ScarecrowScarecrow (6 Nov. 2019)
A deaf woman is interviewed about her experience in Limetown.
9Apples and OrangesApples and Oranges (13 Nov. 2019)
Lia's uncle, Emile Haddock, who was in Limetown, asks her to quit her investigation.
10AnswersAnswers (13 Nov. 2019)
Lia is contacted by a mysterious woman claiming to know all the secrets of Limetown, but is she ready to pay the price of knowing the truth?