Sanctuary (TV Series 2019– )

Season 1

1People Can ChangePeople Can Change (19 Jul. 2020)
When Hel visits her long-estranged twin sister Siri in a luxurious sanatorium in the Italian Alps, she soon realises that it is in fact a secure facility and that her twin sister has another agenda with her visit.
2The Truth Will Set You Free (And Other Lies)The Truth Will Set You Free (And Other Lies) (13 Jun. 2019)
Hel begins the painful process of learning the precise nature of the trap she's fallen into - that this is a secure facility for studying psychopaths.
3The Jackals Are CirclingThe Jackals Are Circling (20 Jun. 2019)
Hel has tried coming clean. She now has to find another way to survive (and ultimately escape).
4Suffer The Little ChildrenSuffer The Little Children (27 Jun. 2019)
Trying to persuade Kowalska (and herself) that she is not a psychopath, Hel demands they give her the psychopath test.
5The Lord Giveth, And The Lord Taketh AwayThe Lord Giveth, And The Lord Taketh Away (4 Jul. 2019)
Hel wakes up, groggy from the subsonic shot she just received from the Dead Zone and hogtied by copper wire around her wrists.
6Staying AliveStaying Alive (11 Jul. 2019)
Hel receives a Swedish birthday cake, apparently sent from 'Hel'. She sees it as a veiled taunt form outside, a private message.
7Hail MaryHail Mary (18 Jul. 2019)
A disbelieving Hel is gut punched by the news that no DNA has been found on the hammer. Things could not be worse.
8Will The Circle Be Unbroken?Will The Circle Be Unbroken? (25 Jul. 2019)
Hel finally has someone who is on the side of the angels who believes in her. Margot/Jane meets Fisher in his office and tells him that she is convinced that Hel is telling the truth.
9Episode #1.9Episode #1.9 (2019)
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