Primal Instinct (TV Series 2018– )

Season 2

1Hiding in plain sightHiding in plain sight ()
The Wrath of Love-- Zach Sanders is torn between the woman he loves and the mistress who refuses to let him go. Jealously, obsession and news of a surprise engagement leads to a deadly case of road rage.
2Slow BurnSlow Burn (18 Jul. 2019)
This details the 1992 case of the murder of Tamara Lohr by fellow police officer Patrick Bradford. Bradford has an affair with Tamara, and later murders her.
3The AppointmentThe Appointment (1 Aug. 2019)
Jennifer Snyder is a shy vet tech who falls for her boss-a driven young doctor. Overshadowing their steamy affair is a controlling wife and a surprise pregnancy announcement that sets in motion a cold-blooded murder plot.
4Old Flames Die HardOld Flames Die Hard (8 Aug. 2019)
Sharmon Intili believes she's met the man of her dreams. Her friends think otherwise. A messy breakup and the rekindling of an old flame puts into play a calculated plan to wipe out the competition.
5The ImposterThe Imposter (17 Aug. 2019)
Barbie Dailey goes looking for love on-line and meets Josh, who appears to be the answer to her prayers. When her friends uncover a dark secret, their fairytale romance is consumed by obsession, jealousy and a killer rage.
6Love and a GunLove and a Gun (2019)
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