Primal Instinct (TV Series 2018– )

Season 1

1Frozen HeartFrozen Heart (25 May 2018)
Glenn Godfrey was Alaska's top cop. But can his years of law enforcement experience protect him and his family from an evil force unleashed by an ill-advised romance?
2Red WeddingRed Wedding (14 Jun. 2018)
A chance encounter on a NY subway brings hard-working immigrant Gladys Ricart love, and introduces her to a lush world she'd never imagined. But her plans for a dream wedding turn into a devastating nightmare.
3Strings AttachedStrings Attached (21 Jun. 2018)
Sparks fly when Chuck Rock meets Beth Williams in Tampa, Florida. When the relationship turns sour, Chuck finds himself drawn into a puzzling web of intrigue and danger and becomes the target of a mysterious stranger.
4From Diamonds to DeathFrom Diamonds to Death (28 Jun. 2018)
Ann McDonald's wealthy husband, Rich, cares more about social status than her happiness; when she seeks solace in Al Braunberger's arms it unleashed a side of Rich she's never seen before, trapping her in a deadly game.
5Catfish KillerCatfish Killer (5 Jul. 2018)
In a small Tennessee town, Jenelle Potter has few friends. When her attraction to one of them isn't mutual, she is ostracized and feels threatened. Then a shadowy figure guides her family into a dark plot with a twisted ending no one saw coming.
6Episode #1.5Episode #1.5 (12 Jul. 2018)
Tiana Notice is young, beautiful, brilliant and lonely. That changes when she meets James Carter online. But when James reveals a dark secret, the two find themselves drawn into an increasingly dangerous and ultimately deadly battle of wits.