Eyewitness (TV Mini-Series 2018)

Season 1

1Épisode 1Épisode 1 (11 Jan. 2018)
On a summer night, at a sawmill in the mountains, two teenagers witness a quadruple murder. Wanting to hide their gay relationship, Yann and Lucas decide to remain silent. Hélène Siquelande, a former member of the National Guard that left to focus on her family, now is entrusted with the investigation. Hélène is also the foster mother of one of the teenagers, Yann. The boys' lie causes a chain reaction, and now the killer is looking for them.
2Épisode 2Épisode 2 (11 Jan. 2018)
In Perpignan, the killer explodes a bomb in the city center. The nightclub targeted belongs to Milo Ubieta. He is the father of a runaway teenager, Lena. The apartment in which he had locked her shattered and she managed to flee to find a certain "Lancelot". Hélène Siquelande tries to find a link between that and the killing at the sawmill because she does not believe in coincidences.
3Épisode 3Épisode 3 (18 Jan. 2018)
"Lancelot" is the killer of the sawmill. Lena, the teenager who slept with him, is found dead. Yann and Lucas are in a panic since they received photos of their secret encounter, taken in the night of the slaughter. Is the killer playing with them? If Yann is afraid for his life, Lucas is terrified of being outed. The media is beginning to cover this case and the political pressure is accentuating over Hélène. She is surprised to have many crimes to solve with so few clues.
4Épisode 4Épisode 4 (18 Jan. 2018)
Yann starts to talk and the investigation partially advances. But that is enough to cause a separation with his boyfriend Lucas and a definitive break with his foster mother. Hélène sees her family shattered, and she also lives a professional humiliation: a young divisional commissioner, Ronan Berg, is now in charge of her investigation, and very interested in the latest developments. What she does not know is that the ambitious Berg is "Lancelot", the man she is tracking. This elusive and methodical killer seeks to eliminate Yann and Lucas.
5Épisode 5Épisode 5 (25 Jan. 2018)
While Helen is fighting for Yann to stay at home, connections between the killings finally appear in the investigation. Crushed by the consequences of his lie, Lucas speaks to Helen and gives her the crime weapon. Fearing for the life of this unexpected witness, Helen asks her superior Ronan Berg to place Lucas under judicial protection.
6Épisode 6Épisode 6 (25 Jan. 2018)
The investigation took a national turn and Ronan Berg was forced to accept a television interview. Certain that both boys will recognize his face during the broadcast, he decides to get rid of Lucas first. Hélène finds out that the second witness who could recognize "Lancelot" is her own foster son, Yann, who is in great danger.