My Aunt Qumasha (TV Series 1983)

Season 1

1Episode 1Episode 1 (27 Jun. 1983)
Qumasha Wants to stop everyone's bad behavior, Mahbowba Finds herself lost with her failed Science Studies.
2Episode 2Episode 2 (28 Jun. 1983)
Sultan Confesses his Love to Mahbowba to Qumasha and Handel and adel.
3Episode 3Episode 3 (29 Jun. 1983)
Sultan asks for Mahbowba's hand and troubles happens during the engagement.
4Episode 4Episode 4 (30 Jun. 1983)
Mahbowba and Layla comes up with the plan to stop the marriage and after the wedding bad things happens thanks to there plan.
5Episode 5Episode 5 (1 Jul. 1983)
Mahbowba acts wired in front of everyone, Hanan and Nassma comes up with a plan to frame Mahbowba.
6Episode 6Episode 6 (2 Jul. 1983)
Haji Marzouk invites everyone for a dinner table.
7Episode 7Episode 7 (3 Jul. 1983)
Haji Marzouk ask the hands of Latifa and he tries to hide it from Mahbowba.
8Episode 8Episode 8 (4 Jul. 1983)
Haji Marzouk Marries Latifa without telling his daughters and he tries his best to hide it from them.
9Episode 9Episode 9 (5 Jul. 1983)
Mahbowba confronts Haji Marzouk after finding out about his secret marriage, Qumasha Sits on a coma.
10Episode 10Episode 10 (6 Jul. 1983)
Sultan finds himself in trouble when his secret girlfriend visits him in his home and he tries his best to hide her from the others, Layla find out about Haji Marzouk marriage to Latifa.
11Episode 11Episode 11 (7 Jul. 1983)
Nassma's Father gives them a surprise visit, Mahbowba Finds a wired wire surrounding Qumasha room.
12Episode 12Episode 12 (8 Jul. 1983)
Mahbawbo finds out about Qumasha security cameras and warns Hanan and Nassma and they set to play mind games with her, Latifa tries to frame Layla.
13Episode 13 And The FinalEpisode 13 And The Final (9 Jul. 1983)
Mahbowba sets up Sultan with all of his girlfriends to teach him a lesson, Qumasha opens up her mind to everyone.