Mob Psycho 100 (2018)

Season 1

1I want to be popularI want to be popular (12 Jan. 2018)
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2Read the RoomRead the Room (19 Jan. 2018)
Shigeo joins the Body Improvement Club to become more athletic and catch Tsubomi's eye, but he also gets waylaid by Tome, head and sole member of the Telepathy Club.
3CollapseCollapse (26 Jan. 2018)
While trying to get away from the (LOL) Cult manipulated by the demon Ekubo, Shigeo's stress levels hit 100%.
4The Gifted OnesThe Gifted Ones (2 Feb. 2018)
The demon Ekubo begins following Shigeo around, and a mysterious someone pits Shigeo and the Body Improvement Club against a group from another school.
5Like Looking at TrashLike Looking at Trash (9 Feb. 2018)
Shingeo and Teru finally meet, with explosive results.
6The ConclusionThe Conclusion (16 Feb. 2018)
Teru drives an unconscious Shingeo to fight back and has a change of heart as a result. But Shingeo's power doesn't go unnoticed.
7Awakening LabAwakening Lab (23 Feb. 2018)
Ritsu learns about Awakening Lab, while Shingeo discovers who the mysterious "White T Poison" is.
8AberrationAberration (2 Mar. 2018)
Drunk with his newly awakened powers, Ritsu is mistaken for his brother and reveals an awful truth.
9The Will to DestructThe Will to Destruct (9 Mar. 2018)
The Awakening Lab is invaded, and the identity of the scarred foursome is revealed. When Ritsu is threatened, Shigeo must use his powers to defend them both. Meanwhile, Shigeo's boss gets a chance at revenge on a former coworker.
10IncursionIncursion (16 Mar. 2018)
While Shigeo and Teru discover more about the criminal espers calling themselves Claw, Ritsu and the other espers escape from and hide from their captors.
11No ControlNo Control (23 Mar. 2018)
The Espers and a clueless Tsuboni are tracked to the school by Claw, brainwashing two of them and forcing Shigeo to fight the Scarred and come even closer to losing control of his powers.
12Still Not PopularStill Not Popular (30 Mar. 2018)
After the Boss of Claw is revealed, a masked figure whose power overwhelms Shigeo's arrives at the school, and Shigeo must make a choice whether to break his vow.