Recovery of an MMO Junkie (TV Series 2017– )

Season 1

1Female IRL, Male OnlineFemale IRL, Male Online (6 Oct. 2017)
Morioka Moriko is a 30-year-old who chose the NEET path for herself after quitting her job. She decides she'll find more happiness online than in the real world and makes a hot male character in an MMO named Hayashi. In-game, she meets an adorable and kindhearted experienced player named Lily, as well as other friends. Now begins Moriko's fulfilling online life as a self-styled "elite NEET".
2We Don't Know a ThingWe Don't Know a Thing (13 Oct. 2017)
Moriko is enjoying her online life to the fullest with Lily and all her friends. But Moriko ends up telling a lie to them about her personal situation outside of the game, and now she feels guilty.
3You and I, the CowardsYou and I, the Cowards (20 Oct. 2017)
Thanks to her guild members, Moriko is now free of her worries committed to enjoying her time online. But just as she logs in, she suddenly gets an expensive present from Lily. Fearing some sort of ulterior motive, Momoko begins to panic.
4Like a Maiden in LoveLike a Maiden in Love (27 Oct. 2017)
Morioka is so taken by the new loot boxes in Fruit de Mer that she decides to aim for the top prize with her guild, but the so-called greed sensor keeps getting in her way. Meanwhile in real life, a man suddenly talks to her at the convenience store?!
5Secret TriangleSecret Triangle (3 Nov. 2017)
Hayashi asks for some advice from Lily, and Sakurai starts to wonder if Hayashi and Moriko are the same person. Meanwhile, Moriko gets a makeover to prepare for her night out with Koiwai. But when the day finally comes, Koiwai doesn't show up!
6I'm So Embarrassed I Could Die!I'm So Embarrassed I Could Die! (10 Nov. 2017)
Moriko goes out to meet Koiwai, but he never shows up. Just as Moriko decides to give up and go home, she runs into Sakurai!
7You and I, and Me and YouYou and I, and Me and You (17 Nov. 2017)
Sakurai, now sure that Moriko is indeed Hayashi, finds himself hesitating over playing online with Hayashi. Sakurai decides to continuing playing as if not knowing who Hayashi is, but finds himself wavering when Hayashi talks so happily about Sakurai.
8One Step ForwardOne Step Forward (24 Nov. 2017)
To play online with Koiwai, Moriko makes a temporary alt character named Molly. After seeing Molly, Sakurai remembers a player he met in another game named Yuki. He met Yuki when he was still a student, and she was a working adult.
9I Call That Feeling MarbleI Call That Feeling Marble (1 Dec. 2017)
While Moriko is surprised to hear the shocking truth from Sakurai, she's still looking forward to playing MMOs together with Lily. But ever since the day in which Moriko learned the truth, Lily hasn't logged in...
10On a Moonlit EveningOn a Moonlit Evening (8 Dec. 2017)
Moriko and Sakurai try to convey how they feel about one another. The two of them have made their relationship strong through the time they spent together online. But what kind of relationship does that really make?
11Recommendation of Real Life, Moriko's Log-in to Fruits de MerRecommendation of Real Life, Moriko's Log-in to Fruits de Mer (8 Dec. 2017)
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