Big City Greens (TV Series 2018– )

Season 2

1Cricket's Kapowie/Car TroubleCricket's Kapowie/Car Trouble (16 Nov. 2019)
Cricket is excited when he gets to be in a Big Coffee commercial, but a bad hair day causes him to lose his confidence. Bill trades the Kludge for a cutting-edge futuristic car, but gets more than what he bargained for.
2Urban Legend/Wishing WellUrban Legend/Wishing Well (23 Nov. 2019)
Bill discovers Gramma has been scaring visitors away on purpose, so he throws a barbecue to befriend them. Cricket sets up a fake wishing well to make money, but when Tilly uses it, he is faced with a dilemma.
3Elevator Action/Bad InfluencerElevator Action/Bad Influencer (30 Nov. 2019)
Gloria gets stuck in an elevator with the Greens when trying to return her apartment key. Cricket is worried when Remy falls under the sway of an obnoxious internet influencer and starts imitating his lifestyle.
4Green ChristmasGreen Christmas (7 Dec. 2019)
When Cricket discovers he might be on Santa's naughty list, he scrambles to redeem himself last-minute, but things soon go horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Gramma and Nancy try to find the perfect gift for Bill.
5Reckoning Ball/ClubbedReckoning Ball/Clubbed (14 Dec. 2019)
Chip Whistler is intent on exacting revenge on the Greens, but his dad forces him to apologize. Thinking Gloria has forgotten them, Tilly and Andromeda infiltrate her at a nightclub and try to cure her "amnesia".
6Impopstar/Football CampImpopstar/Football Camp (11 Jan. 2020)
Cricket is mistaken for a pop star who looks just like him and looks forward to a life of fame, while the real star takes up residence in the Green house. Cricket goes with Remy to a football camp to help him impress his dad.
7Heat Beaters/Bill-ieverHeat Beaters/Bill-iever (18 Jan. 2020)
Cricket and Remy have a basketball match in the middle of a massive heatwave. To avoid getting in trouble, Cricket tricks his family into thinking they're being invaded by aliens.
8Shark Objects/Dream WeaverShark Objects/Dream Weaver (25 Jan. 2020)
While at the beach, Cricket tries to scare the beachgoers with a fake shark prank which leads to trouble. Cricket has fun manipulating his family's dreams at night, but they soon turn into nightmares.
9Level Up/Wild SideLevel Up/Wild Side (1 Feb. 2020)
Cricket and Remy introduce Bill to a farming simulator video game which he gets hooked on. Cricket's feral wild side takes over when Bill fails to take him camping.
10Garage Tales/Animal FarmGarage Tales/Animal Farm (8 Feb. 2020)
When the kids find mementos from Gramma's younger days in the garage, Gramma tells them about her most extraordinary adventure. Phoenix competes against the mean rooster Cogburn to see who will rule the farm.
11Desserted/The GiftedDesserted/The Gifted (11 Jul. 2020)
Cricket treats his family to a dinner, but Bill worries over how he's going to pay for it. Thinking Bill is lying about Cricket's Father's Day gifts and thinks they're terrible, Tilly tries to prove him wrong.
12Time Crisis/Gramma DriverTime Crisis/Gramma Driver (18 Jul. 2020)
When Remy finds himself unprepared for an important violin recital, he begins to worry about his future. The Greens get their first smartphones and Gramma signs up to be a ride-sharing driver, only to get pulled into a crime spree.
13Tilly Style/I, FarmbotTilly Style/I, Farmbot (25 Jul. 2020)
When Tilly is mistaken for a baby, she searches the mall for a new look to reflect her maturity. / Cricket persuades Bill to buy a farming robot in order to get out of chores.
14Friend Con/FlimflammedFriend Con/Flimflammed (1 Aug. 2020)
When the Greens attend Farm Con, Bill becomes fast friends with Chip, but their friendship might be too good to be true. Cricket finds a $100 bill and a con artist persuades him to invest in it.
15Greens' Acres/Dolled UpGreens' Acres/Dolled Up (8 Aug. 2020)
In this special flashback episode, Young Bill will do whatever it takes to keep the farm in business. Tilly celebrates Saxon's birthday at a tea party and attracts the attention of its posh VIP, but discovers she's not who she seems to be.
16Gabriella's Fella/Cheap ShowGabriella's Fella/Cheap Show (15 Aug. 2020)
Cricket reencounters his crush Gabriella and Remy encourages him to get to know her. The Greens want to go to a street fair, but Bill would rather stay home and save money.
17Green Mirror/Cricket's TicketsGreen Mirror/Cricket's Tickets (22 Aug. 2020)
Tilly enrolls the Greens in Gwendolyn Zapp's project to revamp them into the "perfect" family. Cricket gets two tickets to a sold out show and can only take either Tilly or Remy, and begins taking advantage of their conflict.
18Times Circle/Super Gramma!Times Circle/Super Gramma! (29 Aug. 2020)
The Greens get into wild escapades during a visit to Times Circle. Cricket and Tilly scramble to protect Gramma as she recovers from cataract surgery.
19Present Tense/Hurt BikePresent Tense/Hurt Bike (12 Sep. 2020)
Cricket scrambles to get the perfect birthday gift for Remy and keeps ditching him in the process. After almost getting in a dirt bike accident, Cricket decides to live the rest of his life in shelter.
20Quiet Please/ChipwreckedQuiet Please/Chipwrecked (19 Sep. 2020)
When the Greens visit the library, the librarian threatens to throw them out if they make any sound. Chip plots to run Big Coffee out of business, but Cricket doubts it will happen, or so he thinks.
21Chipocalpyse NowChipocalpyse Now (16 Jan. 2021)
After Chip Whistler demolished the buildings around the Greens' house to build a new Wholesome Foods store, Cricket must encourage his family to fight for what's right and save their home.
22Rent Control/Pool's GoldRent Control/Pool's Gold (15 Jan. 2021)
When Gloria's parents visit, she ropes the Greens into escalating lies about her success; Cricket goes on a quest to find the best pool in Big City.
23Big Resolution/Winter GreensBig Resolution/Winter Greens (30 Jan. 2021)
On New Year's Eve, Cricket insists on helping Gloria complete her resolution of approaching her longtime crush, Kevin; Cricket and Remy challenge Vasquez to a snowball fight; Tilly creates a snow person.
24Mages & Mazes/Okay KaraokeMages & Mazes/Okay Karaoke (6 Feb. 2021)
Remy invites Cricket, Tilly and Kiki to play a fantasy role playing game, but his overzealous rules lead to a disagreement. When the Greens and Remy go out for karaoke, Tilly struggles to decide which type of music best suits her.
25Date Night/The RoomDate Night/The Room (13 Feb. 2021)
When Bill chaperones Cricket and Gabriella's first date, it does not go as they expected. Tilly closes up the secret passageway in the kids' room, resulting in a major conflict which splits their bedroom down the middle.
26Bleeped/SelloutsBleeped/Sellouts (6 Mar. 2021)
Cricket becomes interested in a cuss word and repeats it against Bill's wishes. The Greens try various methods to increase sales at their vegetable stand.
27Fast Foodie/Spaghetti TheoryFast Foodie/Spaghetti Theory (13 Mar. 2021)
Cricket bets he and Tilly can eat at the new Burger Clown all the time with no adverse effects, but is proven wrong. Cricket debates with Tilly whether the lives of the citizens are intertwined with each other.
28Ding Dongers/Animation AbominationDing Dongers/Animation Abomination (20 Mar. 2021)
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29The Van/Bat GirlThe Van/Bat Girl (27 Mar. 2021)
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