Mi marido tiene familia (TV Series 2017–2019)

Season 1

1Doña Imelda arruina el cumpleaños de DanielaDoña Imelda arruina el cumpleaños de Daniela (5 Jun. 2017)
Blanca mourns the loss of her son Juan Pablo, who disappeared the same day that Daniela was born, despite this complicated situation she decides to celebrate her daughter's birthday, Imelda does not support .
2¡Julieta y Robert tienen nuevo departamento!¡Julieta y Robert tienen nuevo departamento! (6 Jun. 2017)
Julieta and Robert agree to live in the building of the Córcega family, Julieta believes that Blanca is very conflicted and can never get along with her.
3Robert busca a su familiaRobert busca a su familia (7 Jun. 2017)
Robert arrives at the home where he was adopted, they look for the records and they only inform him that a woman who said he was lost took him.
4Ana descubre quién es Robert CooperAna descubre quién es Robert Cooper (8 Jun. 2017)
Robert loses his wallet and Ana finds it, but when checking it to find out who the owner is, he sees Robert's photo when he was little, discovering that the new neighbor is actually Juan Pablo.
5Imelda y Blanca creen que Juan Pablo aparecióImelda y Blanca creen que Juan Pablo apareció (9 Jun. 2017)
Julian has many coincidences with Juan Pablo, so Imelda and Blanca are convinced that they finally found him.
6Julián es un impostorJulián es un impostor (12 Jun. 2017)
Ana investigates who is Julian, discovers that he is an impostor and is not the real Juan Pablo Córcega since he is only interested in the money of the family.
7Blanca recibe una mala noticiaBlanca recibe una mala noticia (13 Jun. 2017)
Blanca finds out that the results of the DNA studies are negative, Julian is not her son and does not know how to break the news to Imelda.
8Blanca se da por vencidaBlanca se da por vencida (14 Jun. 2017)
The wait for white is over, she does not want to cause more problems for the family and she does not know how easy it will be, but as of today Juan Pablo is dead.
9Los recuerdos de Robert regresanLos recuerdos de Robert regresan (15 Jun. 2017)
Robert needs to understand what is happening to him, he remembers more and more of his childhood and he does not explain why life is making him rediscover his past.
10Eugenio ve los recuerdos de RobertEugenio ve los recuerdos de Robert (16 Jun. 2017)
Eugenio receives the box with the memories of Robert's childhood, seeing the things that were inside, he discovers a great resemblance to what Juan Pablo wore when he was lost.
11Robert está confundidoRobert está confundido (19 Jun. 2017)
Robert discovers that the Córcega lost a 4-year-old son and wore a red sweater when it was lost, Eugenio confirms everything and Robert believes they have many things in common.
12¡Eugenio encontró a Juan Pablo!¡Eugenio encontró a Juan Pablo! (20 Jun. 2017)
After so many coincidences and memories, Eugenio believes that he has a lot to talk about with Robert, the next day he decides to go to the home and there he confirms that Robert is his son.
13¡Padre e hijo se reencuentran!¡Padre e hijo se reencuentran! (21 Jun. 2017)
Eugenio looks for Robert to tell him that his suspicions were true, they are father and son. Robert wants to get DNA tests to be sure but Eugenio does not need more tests.
14Julieta no soporta a la familia CórcegaJulieta no soporta a la familia Córcega (22 Jun. 2017)
Julieta returns to have a discussion with Blanca and her daughters, assures Robert that she does not support this family anymore and counts the days so that they leave the building.
15¡Blanca se entera que Juan Pablo apareció!¡Blanca se entera que Juan Pablo apareció! (23 Jun. 2017)
Eugenio gives great news to Imelda and Blanca, confirming that Juan Pablo appeared and it is Dr. Robert Cooper.
16¡La familia Córcega recibe a Juan Pablo!¡La familia Córcega recibe a Juan Pablo! (26 Jun. 2017)
The moment that the Córcega family had waited for so long, Juan Pablo finally appeared and Blanca could once again have her son in her arms after so many years of suffering.
17Julieta acepta la familia de Juan PabloJulieta acepta la familia de Juan Pablo (27 Jun. 2017)
The Córcega Family has a party to celebrate the arrival of Juan Pablo, who has brought happiness to their lives, there Julieta accepts the new family of her boyfriend.
18¡La guerra está declarada!¡La guerra está declarada! (28 Jun. 2017)
Linda attacks Julieta and believes that her brother deserves a woman a thousand times better than her, accuses her of wanting to separate her family again and declares war on her.
19Blanca tendrá que alejarse de su hijoBlanca tendrá que alejarse de su hijo (29 Jun. 2017)
Ana decides to rent the apartment of Julieta and Juan Pablo so that they leave as soon as possible, while Blanca feels very bad because she will have to get away from her son again.
20Blanca sigue la estrategia de AudifazBlanca sigue la estrategia de Audifaz (30 Jun. 2017)
Blanca insists on having Julieta and Juan Pablo cancel their trip, Audifaz advises her to change the way she treats her daughter-in-law and thus convince her to stay in Oaxaca.
21¡Julieta cancela el viaje!¡Julieta cancela el viaje! (3 Jul. 2017)
Julieta wants to show all her love to Juan Pablo and do something for him, she decides to stay in Mexico so she can enjoy her family.
22Juan Pablo le propone matrimonio a JulietaJuan Pablo le propone matrimonio a Julieta (4 Jul. 2017)
Juan Pablo is sure that he wants to spend all his life with Julieta, the appointment in a beautiful place to propose to her, she agrees to marry him.
23Aristóteles se va de la casaAristóteles se va de la casa (5 Jul. 2017)
Aristóteles believes that his father does not accept it, he also goes badly in school and the teacher says he is sick, he decides to leave home so as not to continue being an embarrassment to the family.
24¡Julieta y Juan Pablo planean su boda!¡Julieta y Juan Pablo planean su boda! (6 Jul. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo reunite to the Córcega family to share with them that they will marry, Blanca and Imelda are happy with the news and begin to plan the wedding.
25Marisol firma el divorcioMarisol firma el divorcio (7 Jul. 2017)
Marisol speaks with her family and finally she confesses that her marriage is going badly and she is going to separate from Ignacio, she asks them not to judge her because she needs a lot of support.
26¡Imelda y Blanca hacen un sacrificio!¡Imelda y Blanca hacen un sacrificio! (10 Jul. 2017)
Imelda proposes to Blanca that they return the keys to Julieta to show her that they do not want to invade them and are willing to respect her house.
27¡Daniela cambia de look!¡Daniela cambia de look! (11 Jul. 2017)
Gabriel proposes to Daniela to work with him, but as a condition he asks her to dress in another way and when he sees her with her new look she leaves him totally surprised.
28¡Julieta y Juan Pablo serán papás!¡Julieta y Juan Pablo serán papás! (12 Jul. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo agreed that they would never be parents, but things get out of control and she confirms that she is pregnant.
29¡Blanca y Catalina se pelean!¡Blanca y Catalina se pelean! (13 Jul. 2017)
Blanca suspects that Julieta is pregnant, in her attempt to find out, she goes to her apartment where she meets Catalina and they have a strong argument.
30¡Catalina vivirá con Julieta!¡Catalina vivirá con Julieta! (14 Jul. 2017)
Catalina will not allow Blanca and Imelda to get into Julieta's life and decides to go live with her daughter, during the war of consuegras Catalina is wounded.
31Catalina chantajea a JulietaCatalina chantajea a Julieta (17 Jul. 2017)
Catalina discovers that Julieta is pregnant, with this news she believes that she has more reasons to continue near her and also needs her.
32¡Juan Pablo se entera que será papá!¡Juan Pablo se entera que será papá! (18 Jul. 2017)
Julieta discusses with Juan Pablo for all the problems they have, can not continue to keep her secret and ends up confessing that she is pregnant.
33¡Juan Pablo corre a Catalina!¡Juan Pablo corre a Catalina! (19 Jul. 2017)
Juan Pablo is angry about Blanca and Catalina's new argument, he can not allow them to keep fighting and asks his mother-in-law to leave his home.
34¡Blanca regaña a Julieta!¡Blanca regaña a Julieta! (20 Jul. 2017)
Catalina commits an indiscretion by confessing to Blanca that one of her children lost the savings money of Julieta and Juan Pablo in a bad investment, Blanca is furious and seeks Julieta to scold her.
35¡Blanca será abuela!¡Blanca será abuela! (21 Jul. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo do not want to continue hiding that they are going to have a baby and believe that the best thing is for Blanca to know at once so that she stops bothering them and they share the news that she will be a grandmother.
36Juan Pablo investiga a JuliánJuan Pablo investiga a Julián (24 Jul. 2017)
Juan Pablo wants to know what Julian is looking for in his family, calls him to demand that he stay away from his aunt and if he does not, he will have to confront him.
37¡El embarazo de Julieta ya no es un secreto!¡El embarazo de Julieta ya no es un secreto! (25 Jul. 2017)
The impertinence of Ana reveals Julieta's pregnancy in front of the whole Córcega family and Juan Pablo claims Blanca's lack of discretion.
38¡Linda se escapa con Bruno!¡Linda se escapa con Bruno! (26 Jul. 2017)
Linda feels lonely and nobody understands her, after the fight with Julieta she decides to leave her house, she asks Bruno to go with her to the beach.
39Julieta se siente preparada para ser mamáJulieta se siente preparada para ser mamá (27 Jul. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo go to their first medical review, during the ultrasound Julieta discovers what it means to have a life that depends on her and is glad to be going through that stage.
40¡Gabriel defiende a Daniela!¡Gabriel defiende a Daniela! (28 Jul. 2017)
Daniela receives Benjamin's visit again, this time her fiancee accompanies her to take her wedding invitation, Gabriel does not allow her to make fun of her and presents her as manager of the restaurant.
41Daphne regresa a la vida de Juan PabloDaphne regresa a la vida de Juan Pablo (31 Jul. 2017)
Juan Pablo receives great news, Daphne looks for him to tell him that he will work in the same hospital as him and assures him that he will no longer insist on conquering him.
42¡Julieta tiene un ataque de celos!¡Julieta tiene un ataque de celos! (1 Aug. 2017)
The arrival of Daphne brings serious consequences for Julieta's relationship with Juan Pablo, who organizes a dinner for them to meet, but Julieta's jealousy is evident.
43Julieta tiene a Blanca de su ladoJulieta tiene a Blanca de su lado (2 Aug. 2017)
Julieta meets Daphne in the hospital, Blanca recognizes her and remembers that she is her son's friend, Julieta warns her that this woman is in love with Juan Pablo and gives her a choice on which side to take.
44Julieta vuelve a sentirse inseguraJulieta vuelve a sentirse insegura (3 Aug. 2017)
Julieta is vulnerable and loses confidence in dreaming that with pregnancy she will gain weight and Juan Pablo could leave her to go with Daphne.
45Blanca aprende a manejarBlanca aprende a manejar (4 Aug. 2017)
Julieta wants to please Blanca trying to fulfill one of her dreams and decides to teach her how to drive, with which they begin to improve their relationship.
46Julieta se pone nerviosa por su bodaJulieta se pone nerviosa por su boda (7 Aug. 2017)
¡Benjamin and Gabriel fight each other for the love of Daniela, while Julieta gets nervous not knowing if the decision to get married will be the best in her life!
47Julieta sufre un abortoJulieta sufre un aborto (8 Aug. 2017)
Julieta begins not to feel okay and presents a bleed, when he arrives at the hospital, the doctor informs Robert that unfortunately she lost her baby.
48Blanca se entera que ya no será abuelaBlanca se entera que ya no será abuela (9 Aug. 2017)
Julieta gives the news to Blanca that she has lost her baby and therefore she will no longer be a grandmother, Daniela is very confused because she does not know if Benjamín really loves her.
49Julieta y Robert sufren la muerte de su bebéJulieta y Robert sufren la muerte de su bebé (10 Aug. 2017)
Julieta's abortion has caused a lot pain between her and Robert, Ana advises Julieta to move away from Robert's family if she does not want to be blamed for what happened.
50Julieta se entera que no podrá tener hijosJulieta se entera que no podrá tener hijos (11 Aug. 2017)
Daphne commits imprudence and before Robert does, she informs him that she will not be able to have any more children. Julieta gets upset and demands Robert not to tell her from the beginning.
51Xavi comienza a sentir amor por MarisolXavi comienza a sentir amor por Marisol (14 Aug. 2017)
Marisol has shown her unconditional support to Xavi Galán and he can not help but feel a great affection for Marisol who is becoming love, so he does not resist anymore and kisses her.
52Julieta piensa en dejar a RobertJulieta piensa en dejar a Robert (15 Aug. 2017)
Doña Imelda insinuates that Robert must find another woman who can give him children while Julieta considers leaving Robert so that she can have children with another woman.
53¡Julieta se va de la casa!¡Julieta se va de la casa! (16 Aug. 2017)
Julieta goes through a crisis thanks to the insistence of Imelda and Blanca, she asks them not to go back into her life and leave her alone, she needs time to think about what happens and she decides to leave the house.
54Juan Pablo sufre por su separaciónJuan Pablo sufre por su separación (17 Aug. 2017)
Juan Pablo asks Julieta to reconsider and does not leave the house, she is convinced to leave but family and friends support him unconditionally.
55Juan Pablo recuerda quién lo abandonóJuan Pablo recuerda quién lo abandonó (18 Aug. 2017)
Juan Pablo discovers that the mysterious woman who abandoned him in the home is his aunt, confronts her to confirm his suspicions, but Ana denies everything.
56¡Julieta cancela su boda!¡Julieta cancela su boda! (21 Aug. 2017)
Julieta is not sure of getting married because she thinks it is a very important step for which they are not prepared and she asks Juan Pablo to cancel the wedding, assures her that everything is done for her own good.
57¡Ana confiesa su gran secreto!¡Ana confiesa su gran secreto! (22 Aug. 2017)
After Julian's threats, Ana returns home determined to talk to Juan Pablo to confess that it was she who left him in the home when he was little.
58¡Julieta se reencuentra con su papá!¡Julieta se reencuentra con su papá! (23 Aug. 2017)
After many years Julieta is with her dad, who explains the real reason why she had to get away from them.
59Julieta sorprende a Bruno con LindaJulieta sorprende a Bruno con Linda (24 Aug. 2017)
Julieta discovers her brother Bruno with Linda, everyone is surprised to discover the relationship, Bruno assures her that they have no relationship.
60Juan Pablo le pone un alto a DaphneJuan Pablo le pone un alto a Daphne (25 Aug. 2017)
Daphne and Juan Pablo meet by chance in karaoke, she dares to kiss him, but Juan Pablo makes it clear that he loves Julieta and if she does not understand it, it is better that they never see each other again.
61Tulio está dispuesto a proteger a AnaTulio está dispuesto a proteger a Ana (28 Aug. 2017)
Tulio will not let him hurt Ana, he tells Eugenio that his wife is not as bad as they think and thanks to her his bakery was saved from ruin because all the money that Imelda gave them in the bakery.
62¡Daniela y Gabriel ya son novios!¡Daniela y Gabriel ya son novios! (29 Aug. 2017)
After telling Benjamin that he does not feel anything for him, Gabriel prepares a nice surprise for Daniela and asks her again to be his girlfriend, she does not have much to think about and accepts.
63Eugenio conoce el secreto de AnaEugenio conoce el secreto de Ana (30 Aug. 2017)
Juan Pablo decides to confess to Eugenio that the woman who left him in the home is Ana, when she leaves the hospital, he looks for her to face her.
64¡Ana revela a Imelda su culpa!¡Ana revela a Imelda su culpa! (31 Aug. 2017)
Imelda discovers that Ana kept the photograph of Juan Pablo when he was little, Ana confesses that she was the one who left him in the home, Imelda reproaches her for having separated her grandson from the family.
65La familia Musi conoce a DanielaLa familia Musi conoce a Daniela (1 Sep. 2017)
Gabriel's family meets Daniela, when Clarissa sees who is her brother's girlfriend falls faint by the impression.
66La vida de Imelda corre peligroLa vida de Imelda corre peligro (4 Sep. 2017)
Imelda suffers because of what Ana did to Juan Pablo, her heart does not resist and she has a heart attack that leaves her life in danger.
67Linda y Bruno se dan otra oportunidadLinda y Bruno se dan otra oportunidad (5 Sep. 2017)
Linda and Bruno meet again, he brings her flowers and asks them to walk together again, Linda recovers the illusion and accepts a new opportunity in their relationship.
68Julieta se está encariñando con DavidJulieta se está encariñando con David (6 Sep. 2017)
Julieta is worried about David, she wants to make him feel better and decides to visit him in the house to bring him gifts and he promises that he will be close to him.
69¡Julieta le propone matrimonio a Juan Pablo!¡Julieta le propone matrimonio a Juan Pablo! (7 Sep. 2017)
Julieta is determined to spend the rest of her life with Juan Pablo, she loves him and can not keep waiting to ask him to marry her, so she plans to do it in front of the two families.
70¡Blanca quiere organizar la boda!¡Blanca quiere organizar la boda! (8 Sep. 2017)
When Blanca and Imelda find out that the wedding will be in a week, they start with the preparations, although Robert asks them not to get involve, Blanca insists on fulfilling her dream.
71¡Despedida de solteros!¡Despedida de solteros! (11 Sep. 2017)
Julieta and Robert organize their bachelor parties, on the one hand, women have a fun night of pajamas, while men do not suffer the same fate and in the end decide to join the bachelor party.
72¡Julieta y Robert se casan!¡Julieta y Robert se casan! (12 Sep. 2017)
The marriage was not in the plans of Juliet and Robert but fate changed their lives and the day of their wedding arrives.
73¡Blanca se va de la casa!¡Blanca se va de la casa! (13 Sep. 2017)
Blanca finds out that it was Ana who abandoned her son and everyone hid it from her, believes that it means nothing to her family, feels betrayed and decides to leave the house.
74¡Daniela acepta casarse con Gabriel!¡Daniela acepta casarse con Gabriel! (14 Sep. 2017)
Gabriel is sure that he wants to marry Daniela so he decides to give her an engagement ring and although she loses her voice at the moment, she agrees to marry Gabriel.
75Blanca decide cambiar su vidaBlanca decide cambiar su vida (15 Sep. 2017)
Blanca's life has been complicated, she feels that she only lives to serve her family and admits that she needs to be far away to decide what she wants to do with her life because she only wants to feel loved.
76Julieta defiende a BlancaJulieta defiende a Blanca (18 Sep. 2017)
Imelda and Eugenio ask Julieta for help to convince Blanca to return, but she tells them that she will not do it because Blanca is tired of following her orders and will not let them manipulate her anymore.
77¡Julieta quiere ser mamá!¡Julieta quiere ser mamá! (21 Sep. 2017)
Julieta accepts Luz's help to see a fertility specialist, does not want to hide the truth from Juan Pablo and talks with him to let him know what she's going to do.
78¡Enzo está interesado en Amalia!¡Enzo está interesado en Amalia! (21 Sep. 2017)
Amalia wins the song contest and finally, Enzo accepts that he feels attracted to her and assures her that he discovered the great woman she is, Amalia feels very happy with what she hears.
79Eugenio piensa reconquistar a BlancaEugenio piensa reconquistar a Blanca (22 Sep. 2017)
Eugenio looks for Blanca, accepts that he has not been the best husband, but at no time has he stopped loving her, asks her to return home and start over.
80Julieta quiere adoptar a DavidJulieta quiere adoptar a David (22 Sep. 2017)
Julieta is convinced that there is another option to form the family she wants with Juan Pablo, she says she wants to adopt David, she is sure to have a bond with him and asks him to imagine his life with him.
81Daniela ve a Gabriel con otra mujerDaniela ve a Gabriel con otra mujer (25 Sep. 2017)
Clarissa looks for Daniela to tell her that Gabriel is cheating on her with another woman and if she does not believe she should go to the restaurant where she will have an appointment, Daniela arrives at the place and discovers that it was true.
82¡La adopción de David está en peligro!¡La adopción de David está en peligro! (26 Sep. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo initiate the proceedings for the adoption of David, they receive a surprise inspection to know how they live and to verify if they would be good parents, but the family of Julieta causes that the adoption of David to be in danger.
83Eugenio cree que Blanca está secuestradaEugenio cree que Blanca está secuestrada (27 Sep. 2017)
Eugenio receives a call to let him know that Blanca is kidnapped, but Julieta is convinced that it is an extortion.
84¡Bienvenido a casa Dave!¡Bienvenido a casa Dave! (28 Sep. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo receive the news that they were accepted as David's family of inclusion, so he can go live with them!
85Los Mussi piden ayuda a DanielaLos Mussi piden ayuda a Daniela (29 Sep. 2017)
Cassandra and Clarissa are afraid that Gabriel will try again to become a monk, they look for Daniela to ask her to help them find him.
86¡Daniela rescata a Gabriel!¡Daniela rescata a Gabriel! (2 Oct. 2017)
Daniela enters the meditation center to prevent Gabriel from becoming a monk and ends with his memories, but he recognizes that he planned everything to recover her love
87¡Polita se reencuentra con su mamá!¡Polita se reencuentra con su mamá! (3 Oct. 2017)
After having despised Polita, Rebeca approaches Aristotle to convince him that she is repentant and wants to be close to her daughter, asks her to help her.
88¡Gabriel pide la mano de Daniela!¡Gabriel pide la mano de Daniela! (4 Oct. 2017)
Gabriel is sure that Daniela is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with so he decides to formalize his commitment, but Imelda surprises them by saying she does not agree!
89¡La mamá de David regresó!¡La mamá de David regresó! (5 Oct. 2017)
David's mother appeared again, Julieta refuses to let her see her son but Juan Pablo convinces her to live with him a bit, when they least expect it, she takes David without warning.
90Julieta está dispuesta a todo por DavidJulieta está dispuesta a todo por David (6 Oct. 2017)
David's mother is looking for Julieta, she knows that she will do whatever is necessary for David and she wants to know how much money she is willing to pay for him.
91¡Daniela y Gabriel se casarán en dos meses!¡Daniela y Gabriel se casarán en dos meses! (9 Oct. 2017)
Daniela is afraid and does not want to get married in a few days, Gabriel convinces her that they can not waste time to start being happy, she accepts and proposes that the wedding be in two months.
92La familia Córcega recibe a los CooperLa familia Córcega recibe a los Cooper (10 Oct. 2017)
The adoptive parents of Juan Pablo arrive in Oaxaca to meet the biological family, the Córcega prepare a welcome party to show them how grateful they are with them.
93¡Los Córcega están celosos!¡Los Córcega están celosos! (11 Oct. 2017)
Blanca accepts that she is jealous, it bothers her to see that Julieta gets along very well with Grace because they are very similar and she feels that they will never be the same as them!
94Blanca y Eugenio tienen una cita románticaBlanca y Eugenio tienen una cita romántica (12 Oct. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo end the misunderstanding with Blanca and Eugenio, they make it clear that they also love them and decide to prepare a romantic date for them to revive their love.
95El primer viaje de la familia Cooper AguilarEl primer viaje de la familia Cooper Aguilar (13 Oct. 2017)
Julieta, Robert and David are ready for their trip to the beach, they will live their first experience as a Cooper Aguilar family and they are very excited.
96¡Ana sufre un terrible accidente!¡Ana sufre un terrible accidente! (16 Oct. 2017)
Ana meets by chance with Blanca, asks her to talk because she has not stopped thinking about her for a single day, Blanca refuses and Ana follows her, but is run over and ends up seriously injured.
97Julieta está embarazada... ¡otra vez!Julieta está embarazada... ¡otra vez! (17 Oct. 2017)
Juan Pablo finds out that Julieta was on the verge of fainting in the office, has excess of sleep and worries that it is something serious, reason why it takes it to the hospital so that they do some exams.
98Ana recibe el perdón de BlancaAna recibe el perdón de Blanca (18 Oct. 2017)
Blanca does not want to continue carrying with hatred and resentment, she returns to the hospital to tell Ana that she finally forgives her for all the damage she caused to her entire family.
99¡Daniela y Gabriel cancelan su boda!¡Daniela y Gabriel cancelan su boda! (19 Oct. 2017)
Daniela and Gabriel feel that their families are not thinking about what they both want, they know that they will never agree and they decide to cancel their wedding, but Julieta and Juan Pablo prepare to talk to them.
100¡Daniela y Gabriel tienen una boda sorpresa!¡Daniela y Gabriel tienen una boda sorpresa! (20 Oct. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo proved to be excellent sponsors and managed to organize the two families so that at last Daniela and Gabriel had the wedding of their dreams.
101Julieta tiene una niñaJulieta tiene una niña (22 Oct. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo fulfill another of their dreams, they have a beautiful family and now they are also parents of a girl whom they decided to call Blanca.
102El inicio de una nueva vidaEl inicio de una nueva vida (22 Oct. 2017)
Julieta and Juan Pablo are ready to live a new stage, try to be happy and fulfill their responsibilities as parents in their new home!