h3h3Productions (TV Series 2013– )

Season 1

1'Girls Who Read' Reaction'Girls Who Read' Reaction (Nov. 2013)
The poem, presented by a British guy, posits the author as a classy gentleman who prefers a woman's intellect to her 'tits or ass', as long as they're drop-dead gorgeous. Ethan was infuriated by the poem's hypocrisy.
2Tatia PIlieva's First Kiss - Edge of the WorldTatia PIlieva's First Kiss - Edge of the World (30 Apr. 2014)
Ethan watches a pointless art-house where attractive people are just - kissing.
3How to KissHow to Kiss (10 Jun. 2014)
Ethan cringes at the video where a young guy teaches kissing girl.
4Enema TutorialEnema Tutorial (14 Jun. 2014)
Get your enema bucket ready, it's time to squirt water up your ass.
5Grapefruit Your ManGrapefruit Your Man (20 Jun. 2014)
Ethan learns the strange Grapefruit Technique by YouTube sex-pert Auntie Angel.
6The Surprise KissThe Surprise Kiss (29 Jun. 2014)
The best way to pick up a girl? Surprise her with a kiss.
7Bobo the Diaper Doritos BanditBobo the Diaper Doritos Bandit (3 Jul. 2014)
Bobo be stealing chips. Drop a dorito for him or he come for you.
8Meme Themed Disser Slam Dunks Ex, CNN reportsMeme Themed Disser Slam Dunks Ex, CNN reports (12 Jul. 2014)
CNN seems to have gone crazy when it began to report the news about a 17-year-old boy from Georgia who "epically" broke up with his girlfriend via text and posted it to his Twitter account.