Irene Huss (TV Series 2007–2011)

Season 2

1Irene Huss, Kripo Göteborg - Der im Dunkeln wachtIrene Huss, Kripo Göteborg - Der im Dunkeln wacht (16 Mar. 2013)
Two scouts finds a grave with a dead woman's body in a desolate field. When Irene Huss and her team starts investigating the case, they start finding more graves of dead female bodies with a personal subject. A serial killer is on the move.
2Irene Huss, Kripo Göteborg - Tödliches NetzIrene Huss, Kripo Göteborg - Tödliches Netz (23 Mar. 2013)
A witness sees how a girl is attacked and dragged into a van. Despite the vast resources found murdered girl, rough sexually abused. Irene Huss leading the investigation, but there are small tracks to go by, until another girl is murdered in the same serious manner. Then Irene realize that they are dealing with a very dangerous criminal.
3Irene Huss, Kripo Göteborg - Die Tote im KellerIrene Huss, Kripo Göteborg - Die Tote im Keller (30 Mar. 2013)
A retired male police officer walking across a street, but is then hit by a car. A police car chases arter but you will find either the car or the perpetrators. When you finally find the car is burned out, and the site you will also find a dead girl, murdered. Irene Huss police team investigating the case which is difficult to solve, when you can not find the girl's identity. And how really does the cases come together?
4Irene Huss, Kripo Göteborg: TeufelskreisIrene Huss, Kripo Göteborg: Teufelskreis (25 May 2012)
A young man was killed and is found naked in a dustbin. Has he been held hostage? The crime was done in the surroundings of a discotec.
5I skydd av skuggornaI skydd av skuggorna (13 Apr. 2013)
A man is found shot in the head in his car, under water. The trail leads to a biker gang with important connections in crime and society.
6Irene Huss - The Hunted WitnessIrene Huss - The Hunted Witness (20 Apr. 2013)
A young beautiful woman is found dead in the river and on the finger she wears a brilliantly fitted wedding ring that belongs to someone else. The autopsy shows that the cause of death is not drowning, but a head injury.