Irene Huss (TV Series 2007–2011)

Season 1

1The TorsoThe Torso (22 Aug. 2010)
On a beach in Gothenburg, a woman find parts of a dismembered man's body. The only clue is a torso, tattoo. Irene Huss find a similar previous cases that will take her to Copenhagen, where she is forced to look for a friend's daughter who disappeared. The corpse will be the prelude to more nasty murders that lead Irene in Copenhagen underworld.
2Den krossade tanghästenDen krossade tanghästen (29 Aug. 2010)
A man jumps from a balcony and dies. His terrified wife witnesses the event in a nearby taxi cab. Once Irene Huss arrives on the scene, it soon turns out that what appeared to be a tragic suicide is actually a brutal murder, and the victim is one of Gothenburg's wealthiest men. When it becomes clear that a biker gang is involved, the investigation gets even more complicated and Irene finds herself tracking down a shrewd and dangerous murderer among ex-millionaires, motorcycle gangs, drug-dealers and blackmailers. At the same time, she has to deal with everyday life ...
3NattrondNattrond (27 Apr. 2010)
Employees at a private hospital find one of the nurses killed during a power-outage. One witness claims to have seen the killer: A woman who hanged herself in the hospital 60 years ago.
4Irene Huss, Kripo Göteborg - Tod im PfarrhausIrene Huss, Kripo Göteborg - Tod im Pfarrhaus (27 Apr. 2010)
In a small community near Gothenburg found three members of a family priest brutally murdered. The walls are covered with the inverted pentagram - the symbol of the devil's face - painted there with the victims' blood. Detective Inspector Irene Huss quickly pull parallels with an earlier case in which a priest was murdered. In that case there was satanistic couplings. But the deeper Irene Huss digs into the case, the more convinced he becomes that the men of the church are not always so pious as they should be.
5EldsdansenEldsdansen (27 Apr. 2010)
Gothenburg hit by series of arson. Detective Inspector Irene Huss begins investigating an arson that there is a link to a fifteen years old unsolved cases. Meanwhile, she is forced to investigate a knife murder of an old lady in the archipelago, a case that at first do not seem to have any connection with the arson. But when Irene delves deeper into the murder case, she discovers things that reveal old long forgotten secrets.
6GuldkalvenGuldkalven (27 Apr. 2010)
An online poker company promises fame and fortune. When the bubble bursts, it is not only the dream of big money that bites the dust: three separate men are all brutally executed in one of Gothenburg's most fashionable areas. At first, they appear to have nothing in common. The complex investigation of the three dead men immerses Irene Huss and her colleagues into a world of expensive cars, fancy homes, lies and deceit. Meanwhile, the otherwise peaceful atmosphere of the Huss family is disturbed by marital tension as Irene suspects her husband Krister of a having an ...