OutDaughtered (TV Series 2016– )

Season 3

1Dawn of the Terrible TwosDawn of the Terrible Twos (10 Jul. 2018)
Everything's changing for Danielle and Adam Busby, as America's first and favorite all-female quintuplets grow from babies to big girls.
2A Little Potty Never Killed No BodyA Little Potty Never Killed No Body ()
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3Good Quints Gone BadGood Quints Gone Bad ()
The Busbys tackle discipline to get the terrible twos under control. Meanwhile Danielle presses Adam for answers on how he's been feeling. And with Mimi dragging her feet moving into her new home, Danielle devises a plan to help her embrace her new life
4Extreme Quint MakeoverExtreme Quint Makeover ()
While Adam struggles with his emotional issues, the Busbys tackle a playroom makeover for the quints and Blayke. Also, Hazel gets fitted for her new glasses just in time for the girls to take the stage for their first ever recital.
5Multiple Births, Multiple BirthdaysMultiple Births, Multiple Birthdays ()
The Busbys plan a joint birthday party for all their girls, but when Blayke wants her own party Adam and Danielle must come up with a way to make her feel special. The quints' turning 2 also means it's time for their first trip to the dentist.
6The Nightmare Before EasterThe Nightmare Before Easter (15 Aug. 2018)
It's Easter time and the Busbys have tons of fun activities planned for the holiday, but their extra special surprise may turn into a nightmare. Also, when Adam reveals his unorthodox plan for dealing with his issues, Danielle has a tough decision to make
7While the Busbys Are Away the Quints Will Play!While the Busbys Are Away the Quints Will Play! ()
Adam and Danielle head to Nashville, leaving the family to watch the quints. But they may not be up to the challenge, especially when Hazel gives her uncle a big scare. While away, Adam confronts the fact he's not the only one suffering from his issues.
8Battle of the Busby Baby PhotosBattle of the Busby Baby Photos (29 Aug. 2017)
Adam and Danielle compete to see who can take the cutest photo of the quints to promote the new cycle studio. Later, Danielle stresses about her upcoming charity fundraiser while Adam takes a big step towards dealing with his emotional issues.
9Mother's Day GetawayMother's Day Getaway (5 Sep. 2017)
Adam plans a beach vacation for Mother's Day. The quints see the ocean. The guys watch the kids so the mothers can go to dinner.
10The Busby's Newest AdditionThe Busby's Newest Addition (12 Sep. 2017)
The cycle studio grand open draws near. Danielle wants to work at the studio more than expected.