Hellblazerbiz (TV Series 2015– )

Season 7

1Holby, Star Wars & more with Guy HenryHolby, Star Wars & more with Guy Henry (15 Apr. 2019)
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2Gender with Yulia RomanovaGender with Yulia Romanova (8 May 2019)
Yulia is a Russian actress and filmmaker based in the UK. She is known for her roles in the upcoming film "Gender" as well as appearing in blockbuster Final Score, and TV Series Trapped. In part 1, Yulia and I talk generally about the importance of networking, her influences and our favourite films.
3L'Age D'or with Jenna SuruL'Age D'or with Jenna Suru (18 May 2019)
I chat with French actress and film maker Jenna Suru, who is currently promoting her first outing as writer with L'Age D'Or which is being shown at film festivals including Cannes. Jenna is passionate about her work and also the sixties music.
4Daddy Issues with Andrew PifkoDaddy Issues with Andrew Pifko (10 Jun. 2019)
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5Grand Hotel with Justina AdornoGrand Hotel with Justina Adorno (14 Jun. 2019)
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6Temptation Island with Brittney RoseTemptation Island with Brittney Rose (17 Jun. 2019)
I chat with the talented, engaging and gorgeous Brittney Rose one of the stars of 2019 Temptation Island Brittney, a spiritual yoga retreat owner and single on the show, finds herself relying heavily on her meditation and yoga practice to keep herself grounded as she navigates the unusual environment associated with filming a reality show. Between varying personalities and dealing with the emotions surrounding love and new relationships, Brittney is able to remain clear headed by relying on her strong spiritual tool belt. In addition to her role on the show, Brittney ...
7John P LogsdonJohn P Logsdon (2 Jul. 2019)
I chat with author John Logsdon about his multiple series of comedy fantasy and comedy sci-fi books such as the Ononokin series which is as if Terry Pratchett was infused with Monty Python, through to Platoon F, a SciFi series Think Terry Pratchett meets Monty Python whilst flying in Airplane and being assisted by Frank Drebin of Naked Gun. as are the Paranormal Detective series and also Queen Arthur., which he co-writes with Christopher Young. John is a man of multi talents who also voices his own creations for Audible. This is a long one (oo er) but worth it, as I ...
8I Love my Mum with Dom Lenoir, Tatjana Anders and Alexa WaughI Love my Mum with Dom Lenoir, Tatjana Anders and Alexa Waugh (16 Jul. 2019)
Dom Lenoir, Tatjana Anders and Alexa Waugh talk about their latest films. Tatjana has just completed her first film, a short film entitled "Your Reality" which concentrates on some extremely important issues in which she has personal experience. Another fantastic storyteller passing on a message to people, Tatjana both produced and played the lead role. In "I Love my Mum", a young boy and his mum accidentally get shipped to Morocco in just their pyjamas. What follows is a fun, fast paced journey as the two of them traverse through Europe making their way back home to ...
9Just a Girl with Claudia McKell, Michael McKell and Jacob AndertonJust a Girl with Claudia McKell, Michael McKell and Jacob Anderton (6 Aug. 2019)
"Just A Girl' is a short film about a troubled, young, deaf woman who is desperate to be heard when she falls in love with a local hero. You will hear her story, even if she can't" This is the tagline for the new short film from Claudia McKell which tackles hearing loss and how people react. Claudia is a young, motivated film maker who has started her own film company too, which empowers women in film. Michael McKell is an established actor of stage and screen with credits including Emmerdale, The Bill, Eastenders through to feature films such as Allied, Winter Ridge ...
10Ononokin with Jus SargeantOnonokin with Jus Sargeant (30 Aug. 2019)
Jus Sargeant came to my attention when I started listening to the books of (former guest) John P Logsdon and Christopher P Young. The books are fantasy comedy, based in the made up world of Ononokin and focus on various characters who co-exist there, from little giants, to wizards, elves, gnomes and more. Jus narrates each one with exquisite talent, creating the perfect voices for each character. Not only has just narrated these, but he is also multi-linguist and former teacher of English as a foreign language, putting his voice to multiple grammar and other language ...
11The Whistler with Fernando GaviriaThe Whistler with Fernando Gaviria (3 Sep. 2019)
Born in Venezuela, Fernando started out body building and after moving to the US ended up running his own gym by age 20. However, he felt something was missing and he was not following his dream of being an actor. He pursued this by attending classes and working very hard. He caught a break when he was cast in Bad Boys 2 where he had a really positive experience with both director Michael Bay and its lead Will Smith, who he described as being the most humble of people. Fernando has an impressive list of credits, having appeared on many major Latin American shows where...
12The Creatress with Luke GuldanThe Creatress with Luke Guldan (10 Sep. 2019)
Luke Guldan is a US actor who has been building up an impressive list of credits. I first talked with him in 2017 about the film ADDicted, and now welcome him back to catch up about his ventures and the new film he is in - "The Creatress" which stars Lindy Booth. Luke plays Seth, an interest of the main character. About the Creatress: The movie has its UK premiere on 4th October at the Courthouse in London's West End. Young, bestselling author Eryn Bellow concludes her bookstore tour with her agent selling film rights and closing a six figure advance for her follow-up...
13The Creatress with Francis Lloyd CorbyThe Creatress with Francis Lloyd Corby (16 Sep. 2019)
The Creatress, a new film out by Jason Scott, distributed by Film Volt Media, has it's UK red carpet theatrical release on 4th October in London. It's a drama/comedy (or dramady) centering around the life of author Eryn Bellow (Lindy Booth). Francis is a young American actor who plays Brad, one of the key roles and love interest of Eryn. Francis is no stranger to the screen with a list of great credits, including appearances on The Orville, by Seth McFarlane. I chat with Francis about The Creatress, John Lennon's cell toilet in the Courthouse in London, The Orville ...
14The Creatress with Lindy BoothThe Creatress with Lindy Booth (25 Sep. 2019)
The Creatress, which has it's UK theatrical release on October 4th is a comedy drama about a bestselling author who seeks literary revenge against a critic who authors her fake memoir much to the delight of her agent (p[layed by Fran Drescher). Lindy Booth stars as Eryn Bellow, the author and the film was written and directed by Jason Cook. This fascinating candid interview sees Jason talking about his inspirations in making the film, the struggles of writing and projecting them into a relatable story. Lindy talks about taking the role, the amazing script as well as ...