Hellblazerbiz (TV Series 2015– )

Season 6

1Hannah Levien on Siren and moreHannah Levien on Siren and more (18 Jun. 2018)
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2Eline Powell on SirenEline Powell on Siren (25 Jul. 2018)
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3Conversation with Katherine BailessConversation with Katherine Bailess (21 Aug. 2018)
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4Conversation with Katrina GreyConversation with Katrina Grey (28 Aug. 2018)
Katrina Grey is a filmmaker/actress based in the UK. Although starting out in theatre when younger, Katrina found her love in film. With an impressive resume for someone so young, Katrina is making waves among the independent film scene and not just as an actress. She is a keen writer, currently in post production with her latest film Daytime Nightmare and looking to start her next project. Katrina has a love of scifi, which won me over, and so passionate. However - I am unsure I can forgive her for not knowing the Muppets!.
5Conversation with Samantha MichelleConversation with Samantha Michelle (28 Aug. 2018)
Hailed by Flaunt Magazine as one half of "London's most exciting DJ duo," international DJ, actress, and filmmaker, Samantha Michelle makes her way back to the US with her hugely popular and spirited DJ sets that can only be described as distinctly vintage, upbeat and classical, as she fuses familiar tunes with rare records moving swiftly between the genres of rhythm and blues, ska, reggae, soul, and funk. Bringing with her a deep passion to share good vibes and great times, the successful creator is a force to be reckoned with, already holding residencies at Omar's ...
6Conversation with John TagueConversation with John Tague (6 Sep. 2018)
John Tague is a great actor, originally from New Jersey but based in LA. Recently seen on our screens in Lucifer and The BlackList and CSI: Cyber and will be on screen in Hulu's Light as a Feather. Talented, driven and passionate, sit back and enjoy as John and I chat about the industry and answer your questions.
7Made in Mexico with Hanna JaffMade in Mexico with Hanna Jaff (24 Sep. 2018)
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8Lethal Weapon S3 with Michelle MitchenorLethal Weapon S3 with Michelle Mitchenor (3 Oct. 2018)
Michelle Mitchenor rejoins me to talk about Lethal Weapon Season 3 and what we can expect for her character Detective Bailey, as well as being back on set with the cast and crew and welcoming Seann Willian Scott into the cast as Cole. We also talk about Michelle's foundation. The TMF provides equal opportunities to children from low income families to explore the benefits of the arts.
9Greenleaf with Asia'h EppersonGreenleaf with Asia'h Epperson (9 Oct. 2018)
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10The Code with Rob DukesThe Code with Rob Dukes (13 Oct. 2018)
Rob Dukes is a Midlands born actor, residing in London. From his early days, he showed talent in the arts and has a love of both music and acting, being an accomplished trumpet player...something he shares with this presenter (albeit remove the accomplished for me as it was 15 years ago since I last really played!) Rob is currently in the multi award winning WW2 short film by Patrick Ryder called The Code. I've had the pleasure of watching this film twice now, and also presenting and hosting the Q&A at the London screening in September. Rob's career is going from ...
11Indie Film with Cassandra FrenchIndie Film with Cassandra French (1 Nov. 2018)
"Storytelling is a wonderful way to bring people together" Cassandra French is an actress, writer, presenter and producer. She used to present on Bravo satellite channel and has appeared, and continues to appear in many films. Upcoming films such as Viking War, Losing Faith and more. Cassandra is a virtue of light in the world of entertainment, a delight to talk to, captivating and mesmerising in her passion for the film industry and immense fun. It was an honour to have shared an hour of her day. Sit back and enjoy.
12Randy's Canvas with Adam CarboneRandy's Canvas with Adam Carbone (12 Nov. 2018)
Randy's Canvas is a new film by filmmaker Sean Michael Beyer. Adam plays Randy, an artist who is trying to find his way in life....and love. However, Randy has a unique take on life and see things differently with his autism. This is a really great film about the life of a young man with autism who sees the world differently. Adam is a comedian and actor who is perfect for this role, even silencing several critics who, prior to seeing it, thought it wasn't good to cast him. Adam totally proved them wrong, winning Best Actorat Autfest Film Festival this year. Sit back ...
13Randy's Canvas with Sean Michael BeyerRandy's Canvas with Sean Michael Beyer (29 Nov. 2018)
Having talked with the lead actor of the film Randy's Canvas, I also had the pleasure of chatting with the director and film maker Sean Michael Beyer. Sean is a really positive, enthusiastic film maker with a wealth of experience. He is also a pretty good cook - with his own cooking show. Sit back and enjoy as Sean and I discuss Randy's Canvas, cooking, beating the odds, proving naysayers wrong and much more.
14Game Awards 2018 with Patricia SummersettGame Awards 2018 with Patricia Summersett (3 Dec. 2018)
Listen or watch as Patricia and I chat about the Game Awards 2018, being an assassin, Zelda, the art of voice acting and much more.
15SEAL Team with Judd LormandSEAL Team with Judd Lormand (10 Dec. 2018)
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16SEAL Team with Justin MelnickSEAL Team with Justin Melnick (17 Dec. 2018)
Justin Melnick is a man with a fascinating career. He has spent time as a police officer as well as a combat photographer out in Afghanistan. He has experienced the horror of war as well as the toughness of the streets in his time as a cop. It was in this job that he teamed with his best friend, Dita. Melnick was brought onto SEAL Team as a consultant, but after a couple times of bringing his own equipment in, as the show didn't have the right stuff, he was asked by a producer if he would play the canine handler in the team. He has since not looked back, becoming a ...
17SEAL Team with Ruffin PrentissSEAL Team with Ruffin Prentiss (23 Dec. 2018)
Ruffin Prentiss is an acclaimed actor of stage and screen. Spending his time split between his home in New York and LA, he loves acting of any form. In the summer months he likes to land himself a role in a good play, being in one of the most famous theatre cities of the world. He came to my attention in Season 2 of CBS's SEAL Team, starring David Boreanaz. Ruffin plays Summer Kairos, an "Att", meaning attachment, to the team where his skills as Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Tech are very much needed. Ruffin teases us by saying we will see more of Summer and his ...
18Aliens with Michael BiehnAliens with Michael Biehn (2 Jan. 2019)
Michael Biehn rejoined me where we first met 2 years to the day, prior to Wales Comicon, at his hotel with his lovely wife Jennifer Blanc-Biehn. We chat about their independent film company and recent films, his role in the upcoming series Curfew, the fact that James Cameron once again owns the rights to Terminator franchise and the excitement to see what he does with it, as well as Aliens, Michael shares his memories of Bill Paxton and much more. We even got interrupted for 30 minutes by the Backstreet Boys!. (Although this has been edited out)
19Carrie's Chronicles with Carrie BerkCarrie's Chronicles with Carrie Berk (6 Jan. 2019)
On this week's Hellblazerbiz, I talk to Bestselling Author, Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger, and No Bully Activist, CARRIE BERK. At just 16 years old, Carrie has already published over 21 books (Simon and Schuster and Bonnier publishing), has a popular fashion/lifestyle blog Carrie's Chronicles, and serves as a teen ambassador for No Bully. Carrie has just celebrated the one-year anniversary/relaunch of her style empowerment blog Carrie's Chronicles in December and is releasing her second book of latest series, Ask Emma, in January 2019. Carrie is a delightful young lady, ...
20Mara with Craig ConwayMara with Craig Conway (21 Jan. 2019)
Craig Conway is a very talented British actor known most recently for his key roles in Final Score, alongside Pierce Brosnan and Dave Bautista and (just released in UK) Mara, where he played the leading male alongside Olga Kurylenko. No stranger to horror films, he was also the eerie cave dwelling creature in The Descent. He is an extremely warm and friendly guy with a passion for acting. Craig is definitely one to watch with an already impressive list of film credits. A great guy to talk to, settle back and enjoy...and please forgive the continuity error a few ...
21SEAL Team with Neil Brown JrSEAL Team with Neil Brown Jr (27 Jan. 2019)
SEAL Team is, in my opinion, the hottest TV show out there. I have said also that I believe it is a modern Band of Brothers. Neil Brown Jr is no stranger to the screen. With many credits to his name in hit shows such as CSI:Cyber, NCIS LA, films like Battlefield Los Angeles and his excellent portrayal in award winning Straight Outta Compton, Neil is one of the most versatile and dedicated actors out there and a deeply spiritual soul. A stickler for perfection, Neil throws everything into each role, as he explains in the interview. In SEAL Team, as Ray Perry, Neil ...
22Laura SaxonLaura Saxon (3 Feb. 2019)
Laura Saxon is a young British actress with an excellent zest for life. She is headed off the the USA this year to commence filming as series regular Nurse Rebecca Stone in 2 linked TV shows- Trauma One and Emergency: LA. Laura and I found a common interest in our love of the TV Show Lucifer and of attending comicons, realising we were both at the same one last December. This has to be one of the best interviews I have done for laughing. I hope you all enjoy.
23Broken Promises with Charlene AldridgeBroken Promises with Charlene Aldridge (11 Feb. 2019)
Mum of 2, Charlene has been making waves in the entertainment industry. Through working in bars and clubs she built up a resilience to deal with all sorts of people. She is full of energy and positivity, working hard at everything she does.With several credits behind her, such as "Pie and Mash", the multi award winning "No More Lights in the Sky" as well as being the "toilet lady" on Romesh Ranganathan's "The Reluctant Landlord" She joins me today to talk about her debut film as a writer, as well as the lead - Broken Promises. The film is a short, tackling.an emotive ...
24For The Love of George with Nadia Jordan & Henry HerefordFor The Love of George with Nadia Jordan & Henry Hereford (14 Feb. 2019)
I am joined by Henry Hereford and Nadia Jordan to talk about their latest film For the Love of George. Nadia is not only the lead actress in the film, she also wrote and produced the film. Based on the concept of a jilted wife, Poppy (Nadia) flees London to stay with her friend in LA (the delightful Rex Lee) with a firm plan - to meet George Clooney and get him to fall in love with her. We follow Poppy and her antic in a fun film, with some genuine laughs. Henry plays Stephen, Poppy's cheating husband. Despite his unfaithfulness, you do find yourself empathising with ...
25Conversation with Leila KotoriConversation with Leila Kotori (18 Feb. 2019)
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