Vampire Detective (TV Series 2016– )

Season 1

1The Night LifeThe Night Life (27 Mar. 2016)
Private Investigator Yoon San and his partner Yong Goo-hyung are hired to follow the brother of their client, who has been acting mysterious the last few weeks. The answers they find may not be what they expect.
224 Hours24 Hours (3 Apr. 2016)
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3The Dragon SleepsThe Dragon Sleeps (10 Apr. 2016)
An old police friends asks Yoon San to look into the case of her newly-deceased father's encrypted will. In investigating her father's past, he finds startling links to his own.
4Waiting in DarknessWaiting in Darkness (17 Apr. 2016)
The team gets a call from a blind woman who thinks that her brother has been wrongfully convicted of murders to which he has admitted committing. The case unfurls rapidly, and both San and Gyeo Wool just might be connected.
5Episode #1.5Episode #1.5 (24 Apr. 2016)
An actress' sister comes to the team, asking for incognito protection. San thinks that the culprit could be right next to them, on set.
6Episode #1.6Episode #1.6 (1 May 2016)
The same day that Goo Hyung receives an invitation to a class reunion, a former classmate shows up at his door. She wants the gang to solve an old buried mystery, one that could explain some of Goo Hyung's past.
7Episode #1.7Episode #1.7 (8 May 2016)
Yoon San is given an ultimatum, with no time to think of his decision. Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool party at a club all night, into the morning.
8Episode #1.8Episode #1.8 (15 May 2016)
Dr. Hwang's sister appears to be possessed by a spirit. Yoon San spots a mysterious man following him. The team uncovers darkness from Dr. Hwang's past.
9Episode #1.9Episode #1.9 (22 May 2016)
Yoon San and Goo Hyung are hard at work rebuilding the house, when they receive a call about an internet horror case. Detective Park has a secret.
10Episode #1.10Episode #1.10 (29 May 2016)
Yoon San discovers surveillance footage showing that Yoo Jin is alive. The events from five years ago unfold.
11Episode #1.11Episode #1.11 (5 Jun. 2016)
Yoon San can't help but act emotionally in his efforts to save Yoo Jin. His decisions lead to the unthinkable, and Goo Hyung is caught in the crossfire. Gyeo Wool is left out of the action.
12Episode #1.12Episode #1.12 (12 Jun. 2016)
Yoon San gets himself and Yoo Jin to rural safety, but that doesn't stop his friends and his foes from continuing to look for them. At the end of the road, sacrifices need to be made.