Madame Antoine (TV Series 2016)

Season 1

1Episode #1.1Episode #1.1 (22 Jan. 2016)
When a clinical psychologist moves upstairs to a sham psychic, they realize they can both read everyone but each other.
2Episode #1.2Episode #1.2 (23 Jan. 2016)
Choi Soo Hyun decides he will be the third suitor in his psychological experiment.
3Episode #1.3Episode #1.3 (29 Jan. 2016)
Hye Rim's ex-husband shows up and forces her to drop her emotional shield.
4Episode #1.4Episode #1.4 (30 Jan. 2016)
When famous singer Ju Ni starts having panic attacks, Soo Hyun tries to cure her despite her prickly personality.
5Episode #1.5Episode #1.5 (5 Feb. 2016)
When Lee Kyung Joo returns to confront Soo Hyun, Hye Rim begins to figure out what is happening to her.
6Episode #1.6Episode #1.6 (6 Feb. 2016)
Soo Hyun fears his emotions are sullying his experiment, and pulls himself out of it.
7Episode #1.7Episode #1.7 (12 Feb. 2016)
A new patient walks into the Madame Antoine clinic with multiple personality disorder.
8Episode #1.8Episode #1.8 (13 Feb. 2016)
Hye Rim must decide if all of her misgivings are real warnings or just her own defenses pushing a good thing away.
9Episode #1.9Episode #1.9 (19 Feb. 2016)
As Soo Hyun tries to cement his relationship with Hye Rim, he also continues with his experiment.
10Episode #1.10Episode #1.10 (20 Feb. 2016)
Seung Chan and Ji Ho come clean, turning the experiment on its head.
11Episode #1.11Episode #1.11 (26 Feb. 2016)
Hye Rim decides she's going to fight fire with fire, and a mysterious woman shows up to get a consultation.
12Episode #1.12Episode #1.12 (27 Feb. 2016)
Soo Hyun tries to treat a former friend of his who has stolen his identity.
13Episode #1.13Episode #1.13 (4 Mar. 2016)
Soo Hyun knows the most important part of his experiment, but struggles to put it into action. Bae Mi Ran wants to keep her feelings a secret, but that isn't easy either.
14Episode #1.14Episode #1.14 (5 Mar. 2016)
After the secret is out, Soo Hyun does everything he can to get Hye Rim to understand his feelings were pure.
15Episode #1.15Episode #1.15 (11 Mar. 2016)
Seung Chan ticks off events from Mi Ran's bucket list, but with a caveat.
16Episode #1.16Episode #1.16 (12 Mar. 2016)
In the finale, the tables are turned and it is Hye Rim who must take the role of counselor to help heal Soo Hyun.