Sassy, Go Go (TV Series 2015)

Season 1

1Episode #1.1Episode #1.1 (5 Oct. 2015)
The rivalry between Yeon Doo's Real King street dancing club and Kim Yeol's "cheerleading" club reaches an all-time high when an incriminating picture threatens to abolish Real King.
2Episode #1.2Episode #1.2 (6 Oct. 2015)
The principal offers Yeon Doo a chance to revive her club, but there's a huge catch for the members of both Real King and Baek Ho.
3Episode #1.3Episode #1.3 (12 Oct. 2015)
Yeol must convince Yeon Doo to cheerlead, but can't tell her why. Soo Ah's wickedness reaches new heights.
4Episode #1.4Episode #1.4 (13 Oct. 2015)
Cheer practice begins, but the team is put through more physical punishment than actual training. Yeon Doo and Yeol bond on a day out, upsetting Dong Jae.
5Episode #1.5Episode #1.5 (19 Oct. 2015)
Yeon Doo has trouble remembering the cheer team's drunken night in. Principal Choi cracks down on finding the staff member leaking Sevit High's dirty secrets.
6Episode #1.6Episode #1.6 (20 Oct. 2015)
Soo Ah and her friends have Teacher Yang wrongly accused of inappropriate behavior, and the corrupt principal and parents are grateful for an opportunity to have him fired.
7Episode #1.7Episode #1.7 (26 Oct. 2015)
It's exam season and the students are studying their hardest to improve their rankings. Soo Ah is determined to take Yeol's top spot by any means necessary.
8Episode #1.8Episode #1.8 (27 Oct. 2015)
Yeon Doo and Ha Joon work together to prove Yeol's innocence. The cheerleading team goes on a camping trip prior to competing at regionals.
9Episode #1.9Episode #1.9 (2 Nov. 2015)
Soo Ah finds herself at wit's end as Yeol threatens to expose her, and she must find a way to protect her ranking, no matter what.
10Episode #1.10Episode #1.10 (3 Nov. 2015)
Soo Ah breaks down after her actions land Yeol in the hospital, and her classmates worry that her remorse might lead her to do something extreme.
11Episode #1.11Episode #1.11 (9 Nov. 2015)
Ha Joon regrets not having confessed his feelings to Yeon Doo earlier on. Yeol, Yeon Doo, and their parents must figure out what to do when their relationships are revealed.
12Episode #1.12Episode #1.12 (10 Nov. 2015)
In the final episode, the cheerleading team must find a way to compete at regionals, save their friendships, their relationships, and for some, their lives.